Determining our own futures

Why I support Hillary Clinton

By Evan Sweitzer

My name is Evan Sweitzer and I’m 14 years old. I’m a volunteer with the Hillary Clinton campaign in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I have supported Hillary ever since I was old enough to follow politics. Although as a young person I continue to learn about politics, I have long known that Hillary Clinton would make a wonderful president of the United States.

Now, you may wonder: why should we teenagers, who can’t even vote yet, care about politics? Can’t we leave this to the adults for now, and focus on the many perils of high school?

I’m afraid not. This election is going to define the world we’re preparing to enter and the opportunities available to us. We need to invest in our futures by getting involved now.

So, why do I support Hillary Clinton? Let me answer that by describing the world I hope to enter, and how Hillary is fighting to make it reality.

I want a world in which our politicians serve the people — all of the people, including all races, genders, sexual orientations, religions, physical abilities, income levels, family backgrounds, and yes, even political views. As First Lady, U.S. Senator, and Secretary of State, Hillary has worked tirelessly to be a voice to those who may not have one.

I want a world in which everyone has equal opportunities. Hillary fights against sexism, advocates for equal pay, and defends women’s reproductive rights. She advocates equality for the LGBTQ community.

I want a world where racism, whether impulsive or planned, blatant or subtle, no longer threatens African Americans and other people of color. Hillary’s commitment to racial justice reaches across many issues, like criminal justice reform, education, and environmental justice.

I want a world where everyone has a chance to contribute to their full potential.

Hillary has fought to ensure that people with disabilities, like me, are valued for our abilities. She will make sure that people from low-income families have an equal chance to go to college or learn skills that will give them a great career. She will make sure that everyone’s right to vote is protected, so everyone can influence the future of our country. She will make sure that our country lives up to its promise to be a place where immigrants can come to work hard and improve their lives.

I want a world in which gun violence doesn’t threaten our communities. Hillary supports legislation that will keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.

These issues and many others that Hillary has stressed her entire career are all important to our futures. With our help, Hillary will continue serving our country and moving America forward.

I also want a world where our leaders stay calm under tremendous pressure. Hillary has done this many times, making decisions that she knew would determine America’s future, such as supporting President Obama’s decision to launch the mission to bring Osama bin Laden to justice. She has also risen above a lot of controversy in her tenure. Despite decades of misguided attacks on her character , Hillary has remained strong. She responds to criticism with reasoned statements, not blustering rhetoric. Most importantly, she is willing to explore and consider different perspectives, instead of dismissing or condemning them.

Then there’s Donald Trump. He lashes out with unwarranted, false attacks whenever anyone works up the courage to question him. He has mocked a reporter for his disability and a judge for his ancestry. Trump is closed-minded; it is impossible for him to consider that his critics’ arguments have even a sliver of merit. He is dividing this country rather than uniting it, proposing banning those who practice certain faiths from entering the country. His “comprehensive” plan for immigration reform is building a wall on our country’s southern border.

We, as young people, need to decide what sort of world we want to live in. This election is especially pivotal for the future of America because the candidates’ visions for our country are so different. We can’t sit back and let others determine our futures; we need to get involved so we can determine our own.