Your voice is your vote

Why I’m fighting for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia

By Sean Patrick Thomas

It’s important to me to be here in Philadelphia to support Hillary in the election. When I think about why this election is so important, I think about my children. My daughter is eight and my son is six. The only president they’ve ever known is President Obama. As a dad, I want my children to have every opportunity, and I don’t want them to have any of the obstacles that were present before Obama’s presidency.

Hillary stands up for children everywhere and clears the road for opportunity.

She plans to make child care affordable and accessible to all families. Hillary wants to make it easier for working students and parents to raise their children while getting an education and expanding their careers.

She’s fighting for African American youth. Hillary wants to ensure all children have access to quality preschools and better secondary education to end the school-to-prison pipeline. Healthcare is one of her highest priorities. Hillary will stand up to Republicans trying to dismantle the Affordable Care Act.

She will protect and expand voting rights. Your vote is your voice, and Hillary plans to create policies to protect the right to vote.

Now is the time to knock on doors, register voters and call on your community to elect a champion for equality. It’s important to me that all the progress President Obama has made continues and that we elect Hillary to keep America moving forward. I’m with her.