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Three Types of Forest Carbon Projects and Why They Matter

Together, the different types of forest projects balance carbon storage, ecosystem services, economic and community development

  • Forest conservation to protect old growth forests from deforestation
  • Improved forest management to grow mature, well-stocked forests using sustainable harvest practices


Best for restoring forests and dedicated carbon removal.

Forest Conservation (Avoided Deforestation)

Best for protecting old-growth forest and wildlife habitat in areas a risk of deforestation

Forest conservation projects protect habitat for a wide range of flora and fauna, including these Hoatzins found in the Madre de Dios project.

Improved Forest Management

Best for managing existing forests to produce forest products and maintain natural ecosystems

The McCloud River Project combines harvesting with long term land management, which also includes a number of other important services like wildfire management.

Picking Projects Aligned with Your Goals and Values

The scale of the climate change problem requires large scale action and a combination of many different solutions — and so rather than promoting one type of project over others, we encourage you to support a project (or multiple projects!) that aligns with your goals and values.



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