Developing Data-Centric AI Applications with Superb AI Suite & Pachyderm

Data has become the new source code, and we need a way to manage it.

Superb AI + Pachyderm (Image by Pachyderm, Superb AI, and author)
The two lifecycles in machine learning. (Image by Pachyderm)

Superb AI Suite: Labeled Data At Scale

Diagram of Superb AI Suite workflow. (Image by Superb AI)

Pachyderm: Versioned Data + Automation

Diagram of the Pachyderm platform — the data foundation for machine learning. Add MLOps to any toolchain with data versioning and pipelines. (Image by Pachyderm)

Pachyderm as Superb AI’s Versioned Storage

Superb AI Suite + Pachyderm Integration diagram. Data is labeled in the Superb AI suite. Pachyderm automatically pulls the dataset on a cron tick schedule and commits the dataset to the output sample_project data repository. (Image by author)
Pachyderm Dashboard view of Superb AI sample dataset. (Source: Image by Superb AI)




Helping you with your challenges related to complex data processing, data transformations, scalable data pipelines, and data versioning.

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Jimmy Whitaker

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