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How do i switch to Bsc chain and buy INO-NFT cards on Pacific?

Pacific is currently available on Bsc chain.Before using, please make sure you have configured your wallet.This tutorial will use MetaMask as example, but the process is similar for other wallet providers as well.

To switch from Ethereum mainnet to Bsc Chain:

1.Click on the MetaMask browser extension icon

2. If you haven’t done so already, connect your MetaMask wallet with Bsc Chain.

3. Setup MetaMask to connect to BSC Mainnet

4. Scroll down until you find Custom RPC.

5. Enter in the BSC mainnet details as follows:

Click Save.

You have now connected to the BSC mainnet with your Metamask Wallet.

Click on the “Bsc Mainnet” option in the lower half of the dropdown

6. Visit Select “INO” in the main navigation to enter the INO project list.(The picture below is an example picture, the actual picture please refer to the specific picture when participating in the bidding)

7. Click the item to enter the NFT purchase page.

8. Purchase equity NFT
Condition: Only addresses in the INO whitelist of the project can purchase the equity NFT of the specified share.

Perform wallet authorization first, and click “Authorization USDT” to complete the authorization.

9. After the authorization is completed, you can click the “BUY” button to purchase, complete the second confirmation of the order, and use MetaMask to pay. The purchase process will vary depending on the main chain congestion, and it may last a few minutes.

10. After the purchase is successful, a pop-up window of successful purchase will be displayed.

11. View NFT

On the My Pacific page, users can view all NFTs they hold on the Bsc chain, including NFTs for successful purchases.

12. INO-NFT can be filtered through the asset screening function.






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