Consistency improve Creativity

People say Creativity is one of the most important things needed to create something great.But nobody ever tells you how is it that you get this “Creativity”.Well let me tell you how,the secret tip is consistency.How?It’s time for a little story.There is this man,he’s young,full of excitement,and he wants to do something great in Life.He watch alot of Youtube videos,so one day he thought to himself,well I could do this.That man failed almost 3 times until he realises something,when you create content you have to be unique & different but moreover consistence.You need to keep putting your work out there for the public to see,keep doing even if your work might not be Perfect.Here’s the truth,nobody in this world is ever going to create something that’s perfect,we all keep improving,so the more you do something,the more you get feedback for improvement,the faster you accept that those feedback aren’t made to insult you instead made for you to improve,the faster you’ll improve.

“It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives. It’s what we do consistently.” — Anthony Robbins

Don’t worry about your work not being the best every time.Theodore Sturgeon once said that 90 percent of everything is crap.It’s only 10 percent of your work that will end up being good.And that “Good” work only comes when your creativity is practiced consistently and your ‘in the zone’.Try it,put your work out there for everybody to see it,do it regularly and see the improvement from your first work to your recent ones.Major differences you’ll see.

Add your opinion down in the comment and we can discuss more!Try the theory and let me know what happens.Tweet at me on Twitter @Aleyrotv.

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