Human Beings are high LVL program

It’s very odd isn’t it, claiming that Human Beings are just a program. You probably think that I (the author of this article) have no soul, or you might think that I am a Robot. I assure you that I am no robot. The reason I am comparing Human Beings with robot is because I want to teach you how to think clearly about stuff and see the world as it is, not as you want it to be. The world we live in is a very complicated place, and it’s complicated because we make it so. I just want to simplify a little of it for you.

We Human Beings are smart, sometimes way too smart for our own good. We look at things and we decode it’s function/usage/meaning. If you turn your head away from your computer for a second and look at an object in the room you currently are in, can you tell me “What it is?”, “What it does” and “What is the purpose of it in that room?”. I bet you can. That’s because we associate objects, emotions and living creature with Reasons and Meaning.

What is this?

If I asked you “What is this?” (the image), what would you say? A Taxi right!? But how did you know, it’s just an image of a yellow car, and yet we are able to identify it as a taxi. It’s because we relate an object with meaning. A Red sign no matter written in what language probably means “STOP!” or “Start” depending on the environment you’re in. Again, we know this because we relate the color (the object) with a meaning.

Now you may ask, “okay Alvin, I get it. So what?”. Well just like any program that can be coded — can be decoded, manipulated and controlled. Unfortunately for most Human Beings we are not in Control. The Media, Government and other smart programmers (people who have a high understanding of human beings) are the ones in Control. People who control us often do it for their own benefits. If I tell you that death is coming for you tomorrow and I have a high credibility, will you believe me? Maybe, maybe not. But for those who “maybe” believe me, I could make them do virtually anything for me. Death is a common fear that all of us have, I in this case am using it to manipulate you.

Now you may say hold on, I don’t buy it, you can’t manipulate me. Are you sure? Do you believe in any religion? What is your religion’s stand point with Afterlife? Does it tell you that if you do good deeds you will go to Haven and/or if you do bad deeds you will go to Hell? Now I am not saying that this is bad. I am just saying that this is manipulation, but its done so that you as a person do good things and good deeds.

Like this, we are manipulated in countless ways, if you disagree, can you tell me why money is important? It’s just a paper with a photo and some text. Money is important because the Government has to establish some kind of authority and also the traders needs a system more efficient than Barter. And that’s why Money is invented and marketed.

What I want this article to do is, help you think clearer and simpler about things in life. See it as it is, and yes you don’t have to see everything so clear. Break these rules once in a while and be a “high level program” because not all rules are meant to be kept safe. Break rules once in a while, just make sure you don’t harm anyone though.