Uber is Dying

Uber along with other startups and multinational corporations are making these mistake over and over again that is driving them to their failure.

How it all begins

It began with a great idea, the world seems fresh, exciting and passion flowed all around. This is what it looks like when you start a company or work at a job you love. It’s exciting to say the least. It’s no doubt hard to build a startup, but the founders work equally hard to get what they want. They saw problems that needed solution and they were going to be the ones that solve those problems. And they did it. Uber forever change transportation system. Over the course of 7 years of its existence (2009–2015) Uber’s reputation have spread throughout the world. And in the course of the next 10 years (2015–2025) it will replace Taxi for the most part. Uber will play a very important role in the world, but if they play their cards right, they will become the monopoly of this business.

Grow, grow, grow!

Uber grew exponentially this past few years and that growth isn’t slowing down any time soon. But as the company grew in size, their purpose starts to dilute. People became numbers. Quality became the star ratings they’ve got. And Metrics ruled the company.

The Down Slope

When a company doesn’t have a clear WHY and grows exponentially, disasters are bound to happen. When the drivers doesn’t really care why they’re doing what they’re doing then the company is driving their way to failure.


The drivers of Uber can be compared with the missionaries of Christianity. Back when Christianity wasn’t known to people there would be missionaries of the religion going all around cities, towns and countries to spread the word. Not everyone lived in Vatican city and so to spread the religion worldwide, a group of priest, educator and christians travel the world to spread the word. And they seemed to have done a good job, look at the number of Christians in the world today, there’s a lot. Like those Missionaries, Uber Drivers spread the service and the Uber Experience to the customer. But if the drivers themselves don’t understand or give importance to this than the whole wheel breaks. Because you can have the best software engineer to design your app, the best marketer to promote your service but if the drivers themselves are bad than the whole system falls apart.


This post wasn’t made to complain about Uber’s bad service but instead, it was made so that I can give them suggestions to improve upon their service. Because I care about Uber and I want to see Uber taking reign and bringing great quality service to transportation. Here are suggestions on things they should improve on:

1. Bringing back the Uber Experience

I still remember the first time I got on Uber, the driver was friendly and the service was great and convenient. That’s the kind of experience every customer should experience. The company needs to first look at what they are before doing anything else. They’re not Taxis, they’re not random cars that picks people up, but they are PRIVATE DRIVERS. So a private driver can start by at least knowing the customer’s name. Say it, greet the customer with their name, and trust me you’ll see an increase in the star rating the driver gets.

2. Proper Clothing

I don’t mind casual but casual does not mean pajamas. Once an Uber picked me up at 5:40 AM and yes, he was wearing pajamas.

3. Start with Why

The company then have to start explaining to the drivers the meaning of being an “Uber’s Driver”. Like how Starbucks have their “one person, one cup, and one neighborhood at a time” rule, Uber should develop something similar. Every customer at Starbucks is treated with respect and sincerity. Uber needs to find their purpose and show that vision to each and every employee in the company.

4. Start to Pay Drivers Properly

The greed of quantity over quality that Uber’s executive has develop is harming the company. They are focusing more on the money they make then on training the drivers receive in order to give the customer the best service possible. An Uber driver once complained to me about the money he got from driving with uber. He said to me that driving with Uber is starting to become unprofitable for him, the company don’t pay much, he told me. By underpaying the drivers and reaping most of the profit for the executives, Uber is self destructing their great service, and for what!? An opportunity to make more money in the short terms!? If Apple had said that they were going to keep upgrading the Apple 2 with new chipsets and maximizing the profit for the executives, then Apple wouldn’t have survive this long. Uber also won’t survive for very long if they don’t take an action on the way they distribute their profit.

In the end, I sincerely hope that the company acknowledge this article and change things that are hurting their service, so that they can grow and last in the transportation world for a very long time.

Originally published at www.pacious.com on May 27, 2015.

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