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Jolly Pumpkin

Open& Play

We Stand Together

Opioid awareness campaign:

Crit: i heard that the box design has gotten much better, i still need to work on margins and i was shown how to make a better pattern for the bandaids.

Final finish:

example of bandaids that will go inside

For my final I have chosen to expand on my bandaid packaging, making the corrections that were talked about and adding bandaids to put inside. I also want to expand on my tea tins I’m just not exactly sure what to do yet, maybe create packaging for them to go inside like a gift?

Crit: I heard that the back of the boxes are too different from the fronts, and I need to put the sayings on the front of the box. I will make these changes and simplify the back, making it feel more like a band aid box!


I decided to use band-aid brand as a platform for opioid awareness because it is a product that all ages use, and parents normally buy for their kids. This way it could educate teens/children as well as their parents. Each box has a graph on the front with a statistic about opioid abuse. The backs each have a different tag line, and another statistic on the back. I wanted the bight colors to create a shelf presence and be attractive to kids. I used a textured paper that I felt could relate to the feel of a bandage.

10/15: first finish


Critique: I hear that the modern look I’m giving these boxes is working well. The information on the back is too much, so I should use the bandaid shapes on the front and take a statistic and make a graph/ info graphic. The back needs reorganized but the messages I’m using work. I think these are great suggestions, especially the graphs so I will try them out

front and back band-aid packaging


Crit: I heard I need to make die cuts instead of using the tape. I still need to make all the panels connect

Rationale: When researching tea, I found it interesting that the first herbal teas were created by Native Americans, and were called black drink since they were very strong. I took this idea and made 3 tins containing black teas that stack like a totem pole. Each tin has a different animal that I felt somewhat related to the description of the tea itself. Certain parts of each animal are highlighted with shiny tin to draw your attention.


Crit: I heard that i still need to work on the orange illustration, its too different from the rest. The logo needs modified, with a thick san serif and get rid of the square. The foil is working. I need to ditch the second face on the back, and use the strip on each one more to connect each panel. I am still missing information such as nutrition facts and where is comes from. The text on the front could be bigger.

2nd finish


Read& Respond:


What i heard: I heard that I need to utilize the use of the tin more. I need to add more color to each panel and fix the cat illustration, and also work on the type. I will make all these changes, and try my best to work with the tin.

this is what I have so far for my labels. I want to try to print on a transparency and carve a pattern into the tin. I also still need to illustrate 3 more animals so the back can have another set and it can be double sided.


I decided to switch my brief to tea tins, with my concept being about “black drink” that native americans would brew. It was so strong that they often got sick after drinking. I will use black teas and want to use totem pole illustrations and make them have elements that represent tea.

After researching these two briefs, i think i am more interested in the connecting meal times, but im not sure if what i have in mind is close enough to the brief. The brief wants me to create some type of app/interactive platform to encourage spending time together, in addition to the packaging. I’m not sure if adding a code to the box that takes you to a theoretical “app” is what theyre looking for, or if i have to actually create something interactive.

during my research i was attracted to products that had interesting shapes and forms, and also have a light hearted feel.
My first idea is packaging for cake mix that includes instruction cards, so a family with children can all bake together.
My second idea is packaging for different veggie seeds that also includes recipe cards. This connects families at meal time by allowing them to grow a home garden, harvest it, and then use those ingredients to cook meals together. This educates the children on how to develop a healthy lifestyle as well.

Open& Play


Final comments: I heard that I need to improve the craft of my wrapping as well as the wooden pieces! I also need to work on the text and pattern on the inside lid, making the pattern larger and just one text box. After a much needed break from this project, I will dive back in and make these corrections!

Rationale: The packaging I created is used to enforce the idea of creative play, and sharing that creativity with the whole family. This box contains 7 individual boxes that make up a tangram puzzle, with each box having an individual puzzle inside of it. The second function of this packaging is to separate each puzzle but also to be used as a puzzle itself. Each person can create imagery using a puzzle, or the whole family can combine all the pieces together. I wanted to keep the original tangram puzzle and make it more modern. Type around the side of the box is made of the tangram shapes, and as you take out the boxes inside you can and examples of things to create.


Fall 2017, Edinboro University

Art direction: Brigette Davitt

Design/illustration: Erika Berger

Typeface: Brim Narrow

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 2"

For my first finish, I decided to make the lid and the box separate and made sure the individual boxes fit perfect inside. I tried out the pattern with info on the inside of the lid and made the shapes have the white outlines.

10/4: read&respond.

I think the successful parts of my packaging are how the smaller boxes fit into the larger one. Its a little messy because i didn’t wrap the paper, but i learned how to do that from the tutorials and will try that out next.


Mock of all boxes put together and sketches of “tangram like” lettering

some layout experimentations. (They would be applied to the entire 7-piece package)

Critique: 9/20:

I heard that i should Make my packaging into 7 different boxes to mimick the actual tangram puzzle and have each one be a different puzzle with different shapes. I could also have small, medium, large categories.

I am going to try this idea and also think of a better name for my product.

9/20/: Packaging concept

inspiration for packaging/product.
possible packaging idea, 4 separate boxes that each hold different levels of the tangram puzzle. 5,7,9,11 pieces.

Packaging idea thumbnails

Another option for packaging. Triangular pieces to make it look more like a tangram, also holding different levels.

9/18: in class:

  1. The top things i need to communicate in my packaging are how to separate the different levels of each puzzle, make them cohesive, and find a way to communicate my “peace me together” concept in each puzzle.

2. My design will be different from other because the packaging will work as a puzzle itself, working with triangular shapes as a motif.

3. Since there arent really directions on how to put together a puzzle, the front of each box can have the difficulty level and be focused on the design itself.

4. ill keep the design simple, so it works well on each size and shape of the packages.

5. A dual purpose my package has is the boxes that hold individual puzzles are also puzzle pieces themselves, and can be put together to combine the designs on each individual into a whole.

6. I am still working on ways to minimize materials and packaging.

7. This product will create a stronger relationship with consumers because it will bring families together to work out each difficulty level of each puzzle.

9. I will make this brand stand out with a unique and colorful design as well as a logo.Each box will come together to form a design, but each section will also have a design of its own, showing that they need to be put together.

Jolly Pumpkin


Comments from final crit: I need to work on the craft of the circle labels, darken the colors so the trees pop more like the purple one does, and keep working on the illustrations.

Rationale: My bottles are a collection of 4 fruit flavored beers. I decided to name them the rotten fruit 4 pack and illustrate them with spooky trees to tie into the halloween theme that jolly pumpkin is known for. The background of each bottle is a collage of smashed or “rotten” berries, and also resembles fall leaves.


Fall 2017, Edinboro University

Art direction: Brigette Davitt

Design/illustration: Erika Berger

Typeface: Azo Sans


I refined the tree illustrations and the rotten fruit text inside the branches. I also make it so the neck label is a circle to mimic the moon on each bottle and it contains the logo.


9/25 Critique:

i hear that my logo needs refined a little more, its hard to see at a small scale. I should try using the white illustrations on a background that has a smashed-berry texture. My body copy needs to relate to the rest of the label more. I should try having the tree spell out rotten fruit instead of trying to illustrate it, and maybe have small fruits in some of the trees.

I am going to try all the suggestions and see what works best, im excited to try to smash fruit as a texture.

9/25: read/response:

  1. in the existing logo i noticed that the type wasn't working and felt very separate from the illustration. Also, the illustrations didn't feel very refined. I addressed these issues in my design by using one typeface i thought went with my illustrations (tall and thin) and allowed my illustrations to form a circle rather than have one already there.
  2. Yes, i included all the information.
  3. in my refresh i used the same pumpkin as the existing logo, and took some of the vines but then added my own as well and made them into a circle to display the pumpkin.
  4. - the product is for jolly pumpkin artisan ales. The concept i am using for my design is rotten fruit trees. Each beer is flavored with a tree fruit and illustrated with a halloween themed tree.
  • yes, i think my logo and labels each have an organic feel that goes well together, using thin lines and strokes.
  • For the name of the beer i am handwriting it to make it feel like it a part of the tree branches. I picked a tall and thin san serif to contrast that for the body copy. In terms of hierarchy, the beer name is largest and seen first.
  • yes, the illustrations support the concept as mentioned above. I want to try to give the trees a personality that portrays the idea that they are growing rotten fruit. (like how the one i brought to class is throwing up)
  • My color palette creates cohesion because each label is black and then one color with 2–3 shades is used for each. These colors represent the colors of the fruit.
  • The main label is just a rectangle that wraps around the bottle. I am having problems fitting all the necessary information on this label without focus being taken away from the illustration and overall concept. The label on the neck of the bottle is used to display the logo. I might have each one be a different shape, referencing a shape found in the illustration. (ex- circular logo label to reference the moon in the purple bottle)
  • i haven’t considered a paper stock for the labels yet. I’ll probably use smart white so the black is very black and my colors pop.
  • I think the tall and skinny shape of my bottle works well in reference to the trees. I might also experiment with a more rounder bottle.

9/23: Working on bottle labels

illustrations i started, considering maybe giving them faces and a personality so they can eat the rotten fruit. The top left is playing with the idea of having the titles look like theyre part of the branches.
Im also considering having the illustrations be white on a black label, and use a pop of color to illustrate the fruits.
Final logo

9/18 critique:

I heard that i should go with my second refined logo, but lose the circle outline and make the swirls form a circle. I also need a better name for my 4 pack, and got many suggestions, such as rotten fruit 4 pack. Some of the type in my logo was getting lost and i need to put “sour” in a different spot.

I am going to refine my final logo as stated above, and continue on with my concept of having 4 different spooky trees for the fruits.

9/17: Jolly pumpkin concept

Possible names:

Fresh picked four pack

Branch out

9/13 Critique:

During this critique, the overall vote was the puzzle packaging. I was told to find a way to give the separate boxes a purpose, such as dividing them into different difficulty levels, so a whole family can use them. Also, separating them by color and putting the pictures of each on the front was mentioned.

These will helpful comments, and i want to try to come up with a cohesive theme that can be used for each puzzle, and then separate them by difficulty. Each section will have a designated color that will appear on the back of each puzzle piece that belongs in a specific box. The box will have the matching color on the bottom so it will be easier to separate them and clean up. The function of packaging them in this way is so each age group in a family has a puzzle to do together. I want the theme of the illustrations for each puzzle to revolve around “play”, getting more sophisticated as the difficulty increases. Other ideas for a cohesive them would be abstract shapes that cover the whole puzzle, or “peaced together” where each puzzle is about peace. I also want to make the shape of the puzzle the same as the shape of the box it comes in.

9/12: open&play mood boards:

#1) My first idea is a rectangle package that holds a collection of dominoes inside. When fully opened, the box will fold out into a board game, revealing different paths and tracks dominoes can be set up on and knocked down. This will be aimed at middle-aged children. The package will be brightly colored yet modern and attractive with a limited color palette and shapes.

Possible names:

1. Domin-O’s

2. Domino Derby

3. ?

#2) My second idea is packaging for puzzle pieces. The pieces will be separated into multiple small boxes, that are different shapes and sizes. The boxes will have Velcro pieces so they can fit together like a puzzle. After you fit together the puzzle the box makes, you can open the individual boxes and put together the actual puzzle inside. This product can be for all ages. Each box will have a continuos abstract design that comes together as a whole once they are put together.

possible names:

  1. puzzled
  2. peace me together
  3. ?

9/11 in class :

  1. In the past year i have photographed most of my work. I think my strengths are composition, but my weaknesses are lighting and completely understanding each function of the camera.

2. I found the parts of the articles that talk about lenses, exposure, and lighting to be the most helpful, as well as the directions on how to make your own lighting studio at home.

3. I think the most important thing regarding props and stylistic choices is to make sure your piece is still the center of attention. Props shouldn't distract from it, but add to it.

9/11: final box

Sticker mockup

9/6 critique: during this crit, I was given the advice to get rid of the handwritten type, and either use a script font or the same font I used on some of the panels. Some of my type was illegible because of contrast and size, so that will also need fixed. I also got the suggestion to print on white paper so the orange isn’t so dull, and change the inside pattern.

I think these are helpful suggestions and I will change the handwritten font to a thinner version of the type I used in the send love panels. I also plan to make the inside pattern either outlines of stamps, or paper to tie into my panel with the letter. The AIGA panel will also be changed to just the logo with a postmark.

9/6: in class exercise.

An example of packaging I think describes the article we read is a version of Kleenex summer packaging.

The characteristics from the article that is has are an interesting shape that attracts the viewers attention, it is simple and any age can understand it, and it stands out from the rest.

The playful pasta follows the characteristics in the article because it stands out from any other pasta box, seeing the noodles through the hair creates an interesting shape, and it’s overall a fun package.

This is the type of packaging I would buy because I like the package, and it is unique.

Better!butter! Stands out from any other butter product I’ve seen, and it is practical. It is also environmentally friendly ainc. It’s not made from plastic, and can easily be disposed of. The packaging is simple as well.

After deciding on the theme of “sending love” these are 18 thumbnails i came up with. I wanted the majority of my type to be handwritten, to make it feel more personal, like a written letter. While red is an obvious color choice, i feel it may be too obvious so i might experiment more with color variety. I first wrote out the text and then scanned it in, fixing it up a bit as i placed it.

8/30: critique:

During critique i was given the suggestion to change the color scheme of my box to something more bright/happy. I was also told to change up my “love by design” box, and change up the background colors so each one isn’t solid white. Also, a suggestion was given to add a post mark to my stamp.

I found these ideas to be very helpful, and after changing the color scheme to blue and orange i feel much happier with the end result. I also added the postmark as well as inverted some type and changed some background colors.

For this project, my concept will be ways to send love. For the stickers inside the box, i will design postage stamps that portray this theme that can be attached to mail and sent, as well as used as stickers. These can be sent around the world to unite us all. The type on the box will be handwritten to feel like a personal letter being mailed.

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