Opioid Awareness Campaign

Packaging Design, Fall 2017

Redesign packaging for a series of 3 products by turning them into a campaign to educate the public and create greater awareness for opioid addiction and abuse.

1. Choose an audience/demographic to create a message for. Opioid addiction and abuse has skyrocketed in the last two decades due to the overprescription and, in effect, addition to painkillers. Teenagers are at an alarmingly high risk of addiction following accidents, surgeries and sports-related injuries in which prescription opiates are overprescribed. Please focus on delivering your message to either children (to educate them early), teenagers (to help them understand the risk and/or get help) or parents (to educate and teach them how to identify the warning signs of abuse).

2. Identify common household/daily use products that your audience engages with. How can this product become a vehicle for delivering your message?

3. Develop a campaign concept that connects your message to the product you are distributing it on. Your final piece should consist of a series of three packages with a cohesive system of three different messages (one per package).

4. Include content that directs the audience to shatterproof.org for more information, help, or to donate. You may also turn the package into a fundraising platform (for every package sold $1 is donated/10% of all profits are donated to opioid addiction research/treatment/etc.). Please include the information below and logo on each package in support of this:

Shatterproof is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to ending the devastation that addiction causes families.
For more information and to donate, please visit shatterproof.org.

The examples below may help spark some ideas, but neither category falls under exactly what that goal of this project is (to take a familiar and frequently used product and turn it into a platform for awareness).

Products that Support a Cause
Doritos Rainbows
The Intergalactic Travel Authority
Coke (PRODUCT)RED also on The Dieline
This Bar Saves Lives
Landmine Awareness Ketchup
Budweiser Water
Half for Happiness
Who Gives a Crap?
Tobacco Warning Labels and Plain Packaging
Triscuit Seed Box
Kashi Cereal

Packaging that Uses the Product as a Design Element
Coming soon