Wine Bottle Packaging Examples

Brigette Davitt
Sep 20, 2018 · 8 min read

Packaging Design

Djurdjic Winery

Djurdjic Winery (Vinarija Đurđić) is a Serbian wine producer with vineyards on the west side of Sremski Karlovci with views of the Danube. Set-up in 2004, the winery is one of the youngest growers in the region. Peter Gregson’s task was to create a new and memorable visual identity. Djurdjic Winery is a relatively young winery so in that context they don’t have a strong heritage background and we were free to create a simple design which will represent as winery as new and bold.

The colors were chosen by personal feel. Bermet wine is designed with black stripes because of the name CRNI VITEZ (black knight). The name Black Knight Bermet originally came from the client.

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Designed by Peter Gregson Studio | Country: Serbia

The Wines of Westeros

Game of Thrones goes well with two things: screaming and wine.

It’s hard to sell screaming — so we’ve created and designed 12 different wine bottles, each based on a different house from Westeros. Pre-order a case at

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Designed by Common Ventures | Country: Australia

Tulip Winery

A series of labels for Tulip winery, Israel. These premium wine bottles required prestigious labels, so the high quality of the products would reflect through them. In continuation to the new clean and minimalistic brand identity created a year ago, we chose a simple visual language with a single dominant graphic element. The letter “U” which also appears in the winery’s logo was originally designed so it would seem like the Tulip flower in reference to the brand name. Its unique shape generates a flowing and elegant contour and creates an aesthetic contrast between the light and dark shades on the bottle.

Designed by Israel Yosseph | Country: Israel

Five Rows Craft Wine

Our goal with the package was to position and treat the icewine as a traditional farm staple — milk, butter, eggs… and icewine. These products, though adorned with the brand and style of their producers, is typically practical and spontaneous in production. They often utilize a package format that suggests re-use as well as customization for small volume — all adding to the charm of the farm product.

The label is essentially a carrier for winemaker notes on the production of the wine as well as origin. The initial release was digitally printed at low volume, hand cut and applied by hand with elastics similar to the remaining 1000 bottles. Much of the graphics are also hand drawn which is consistent with the Five Rows identity. The flint bottles were finished off with a hand drawn signature by Wes Lowrey the winemaker.

Designed by Insite Design | Country: Canada

Luis Pato

The newest wine label for Portuguese brand “Luis Pato” was created by M&A Creative. The idea behind the design was to create an irreverent concept using the image of the owner with graphic illustration.

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Designed by M&A Creative | Country: Portugal

Marx Design Wine Promo

Marx is such an unusual name that new clients tend to get us confused with the other lot — Richard (pop singer), Groucho (the comedian) and Karl (the communist). We wanted to clear the confusion once and for all with these light-hearted promotional pieces that establish (Ryan) Marx design as a unique identity (and go down well!).

Designed by Marx Design | Country: New Zealand

Lorem Wine

Lorem Wine is a very special project, because I’ve designed it exclusively for designers. So dear designer, take a break, lay back and enjoy this wine.

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Designed by Alex Macsoda | Country: Romania

Jeremy Wine Company

The unique full wrap dieline forms the phonetic ” J ” for Jeremy (why phonetic? “because we want to stimulate all your senses when experiencing these wines”), which also reads as a lowercase ” f ” alluding to the tagline “forty thousand hours in each bottle” when the wine is poured (invert the bottle). This duality is reinforced in the brand logotype, and further pushed in the package details & nuances (blind embossed typographic texture balanced with a hand applied vintage metal tag; contemporary minimalism meets old world tradition). This duality is a key symbolic element as it personifies both Jeremy’s personality and approach to wine making.

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Designed by 6 West Design | Country: United States

Table Wine

We created this self-promo campaign of “Table Wines” to showcase Rethink’s package design capabilities. The back of each label includes copy crafted to its particular variety of table, giving potential clients a taste of our personality, philosophy and sense of humour.

Copy on this version reads: At Rethink, we believe great package design is like a ping-pong table: it should inspire intense competition and heated dialogue. Not to mention the occasional fist pump and victory dance.

We think this theory is ready to make the leap from this jug to your product. To see what our package designers can create for you, give us a call. We’d love to sit down with you at our table.

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Designed by Rethink | Country: Canada

The Good Wine Co.

Lovely feather illustrations and unique custom typography are the focus of this packaging for The Good Wine Company.

Designed by ILoveDust | Country: United Kingdom

Wine of Design

The 2009 Wine Of Design program brought together 6 creative icons with 6 of the best winemakers in order to reinvent the wine experience and produce a limited edition range of wines with all proceeds going to Make Poverty History.

Created by Rory Kent, Wine Of Design seeks to make the wine story compelling to more people while at the same time push the boundaries of wine packaging and design.

Designed by 3 Deep Design | Country: Australia

Churchill Wines

Interbrand has refreshed Churchill Wines identity and redesigned the packaging across all its port and wine ranges. The consultancy, appointed last April, won the business following a strategic competitive pitch against three other groups. A brief was developed to refresh the brand by addressing its three core values of purity, passion and patience, according to Sara Faulkner, Senior Designer at Interbrand. The new packaging for the Portuguese-based wine group is said to reflect the environment in which it is produced. We went to the Douro Valley, which inspired the photographs and illustrations on the packaging.

Designed by Interbrand | Country: United Kingdom

Mont Taucha Winery

Visual identity to a collection of wines from Mont Taucha. Quality leaps in the first three, while the two prestigious wines symbolizes thumbs up and excellent.

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Designed by Hanna Backman | Country: Sweden

Neige Ice Wine

Inspired by the technique used to make ice wine and by Québec’s very particular climate, Neige (meaning snow in English) ice cider was born out of this Canadian province’s terroir, which has the extreme cold winter temperatures needed to produce the concentration of sugars for its creation.

Designed by Chez Valois | Country: Canada

The Naked King

“you could say that it was the king of wines …but a sincere one.” the client said. That reminded us of the Hans Christian Andersen tale “The Emperor’s clothes” where the king sits naked and exposed for everyone to see who he really was. So we decided to name the wine “NAKED KING”. In order to visually present that, we designed the label of the bottle shaped like a crown and embossed the title NAKED KING instead of printing it. We wanted to show that way it would seem like a naked king, without anything on. For the wooden box we silk printed in the front the tale with big type like in a child book and highlighted the words “The king is naked”

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Designed by BeetRoot Design Group | Country: Greece

Packaging Design

Fall 2018

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