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Implementing a maturity framework for our teams at Packlink

Fruit that is not mature yet
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  • Changes in the priorities when our structure was not mature enough.
  • Changes in the teams' missions or ownership scopes.
  • Headcount growing needs.

The grow and split pattern.

ref: Dynamic reteaming by Heidi Helfand

The growing mode onboarding approach.

  • The person is in onboarding, so they should not be part of a compromise with a deadline.
  • The person can't be part of a team that needs a headcount.
  • The person shouldn't be on board in a team that has not enough maturity.

Desksurfing onboarding approach.

Motivation for a maturity model.

Is it evil to score the maturity of a team?

The framework.

  • It should be extensible: we need to add new measurable parameters related to our context. And we needed a straightforward process to add new parameters or deprecate the ones that would have no sense.
  • It had to be understandable by all the tech members: in our context, tech means product plus engineering; despite the parameters being related to engineering, they had to be understandable by both audiences.
  • It had to be simple: a too complex framework will make the maturity model also complex.
  • It should provide a metric system: the goal was to understand and measure our teams' maturity in a standard way.
    Because we follow a data-informed approach instead of a data-driven one, it hasn't to be too accurate but has to make sense.

The matrix of expectations.

Gathering the teams' scores.

The metric calculation.

perc = sum_of_all_row_scores * 100 / sum_of_all_the_hightest_scores

But… what happens if you change weights or add new parameter rows?

Implementing the first iteration of the maturity model.

Atlassian Confluence for the expectation matrix.

Google Forms for filling the team's score.

Google Datastudio to visualize the overall status of the teams.

overall view, the data is invented
teams view, the data and team names are invented

Maturity indicators proposals process.

Lessons learned.

Words and terms meanings usually have powerful impacts.

Data-informed vs. data-driven.

Iterative mindset.

Maturity expectations are not static; they need to evolve and change.




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