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The path to our Career Path

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Our context

What is a Career Path and why do we (and probably you) need one?

The way that you progress in your work, either in one job or in a series of jobs.
Cambridge Dictionary

The process

The goal

  • Why do I have this role and how can I reach this other one?
  • What is expected from my role at Packlink?
  • How do my personal expectations in my career fit with my current role?
  • What are my growing possibilities in this company?

Searching for references

The importance of the culture

Step 1. We begin to define the growing categories and our values

Step 2. A discussion about the Engineering growing areas

Step 3. Defining the skill expectations or what we called “KPIs”

  • Understandable: the different KPIs should be clear for all the people on the teams. Every KPI has examples that contextualize and make it clear the expectations of it.
  • Measurable: how will you know that you are making progress.
  • Fair: every KPI must be inclusive and reachable without heroic effort or extra hours outside of the Packlink work time.

Step 4. How the engineering roles fit on the path

Software & Infrastructure Engineering Ladder with the Management brach

Step 5. Visualizing the career path and the ladder.

Lessons learned from this experience

  • A Career Path is a tool to communicate expectations about growing in a company
  • We need to understand the culture and values to get all the expectations on the table
  • The roles will make sense after those expectations are defined
  • Extract ideas from other companies’ Career Paths, but don’t use them as a silver bullet. You will need to adapt them to it.
  • See the Career Path as a Product that needs to be evolved iteratively.
  • Many decisions don’t necessarily be right or wrong; just take the adequate, test the response, get feedback from the leads and teams and iterate.




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