The Archive Set Is the Coolest Common Set on NBA Top Shot

Now that we’ve had a week to digest all these new Moments, it’s time to give the Archive Set its due praise.

Christopher Otis
Oct 23 · 4 min read

Just over a week ago, after months and months of waiting, NBA Top Shot released what we’ve all been waiting for: a new Run It Back throwback set featuring Moments from the 2005–06 NBA season.

But lurking within those packs — and waiting in separate packs as a consolation prize for those unlucky enough to strike it big in the general queue — were Moments from the all-new Archive Set, a common-tier throwback set featuring plays from both seasons that NBA Top Shot has “run it back” to so far, 2005–06 and 2013–14.

Within this set, there are exclusive Top Shot Debuts, NBA legends making second (or third) appearances on the platform, and some special plays featuring some active NBA stars. Moments were minted to 10,000 for All-Stars from those seasons, 12,005 for rookies, and 20,000 for everyone else.

As an extremely accessible entry point into the still-nascent market for throwback Top Shot Moments for collectors who don’t have the disposable income necessary to throw thousands of dollars into the platform on a whim (who make up the overwhelming majority of current and future collectors, it should be noted), this set checks all the boxes as something that will be exciting and in high demand well into the future.

It’s nostalgic, it’s exciting, it’s memorable, and it’s affordable.

What more could you ask for as a collector?

It certainly helps that there are some incredibly awesome Moments making up this set, ranging from LeBron hitting his first game-winner way back in March of 2006 and Dame Lillard hitting his first Playoff buzzer-beater in 2014, to Jerry Stackhouse emasculating Jermaine O’Neal and Jason Richardson throwing down one of the cleanest windmills in NBA history.

And that’s just really scratching the surface here.

Dwight Howard makes an appearance from his early days with the Magic, Dwyane Wade throws down a sick one-handed dunk in a Moment that features a Championship Badge, and many former fan favorites make their Top Shot Debuts.

The best part? There’s more to come. The second drop of the Archive Set will be coming by the end of the month, and it’ll include even more great players in addition to the ones who’ve already been included.

As someone who fits squarely into the box of being a lower-income collector, most of my fun last week during the post-drop marketplace frenzy was hunting Archive Set Moments and figuring out which ones to add to my collection, at least after I secured a Paul Pierce Run It Back, my one true “must-have” from that set.

If you’ve followed my writing at all over the past few months, I’m sure you know what I went for first: ROOKIES. There are 7 rookies currently in the set: Hakim Warrick (TSD), Jarrett Jack (TSD), Andrew Bogut, Nate Robinson, Danny Granger, Deron Williams, and Chris Paul.

It took a lot of failed purchases and impatient sniping, especially when it came to that CP3 Moment, but after a couple of hours I got it done.

Then, after scooping up Paul Pierce’s Archive Set to ensure I’ve got both current Moments from The Truth locked up, I went after a few of my other favorite players in the set. I was lucky enough to pull Dame’s Archive Set Moment in my Run It Back pack, so I didn’t need to purchase it, but it would’ve been my next move had I not already had it. So, instead, I went for Dwight Howard and Ben Wallace, happy to continue adding current and future Hall of Famers to my Archive Set collection.

There’s a lot of incredible stuff coming in S3, but something tells me that I’m far from done fishing around the marketplace for good deals on Archive Set Moments, and that it’ll be hard for Top Shot to one-up it as the best common-tier set on the site.

So, as we peer into the future, don’t be afraid to keep one eye on the past, too.

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