Why Packrs? The idea behind a successful delivery platform

Who are we? Busy!

What do we want? One click delivery straight to home!

A simple one-click platform for fast delivery is what we want. So here we are!

Packrs is a delivery platform that all we need right now. Whether it be grocery, food, anything you can think of, Packrs’ aim is to deliver it straight to your doorsteps.

The idea behind Packrs is simple. To reduce your hassles and enable you to concentrate more on your life.


Why Packrs is different from Swiggy and Zomato?

Its simple, We aim at delivering anything, anywhere. Swiggy and Zomato are food focused platforms but we deal in anything that can be delivered. The idea is to provide more options to customers not only food and beverages. Packrs can do all, Our app enables a customer to select anything. You just have to select the pickup and drop locations.

Be a Packrs Courier!

The Packrs solely runs on the shoulders of our courier guys. They are the main backbone in our delivery system. There is a simple and easy way to apply as a Packrs Courier guy. Being a courier will provide you a brilliant atmosphere to work with.

The app is in development. subscribe now to avail offers and discounts on your deliveries.