Collaborative Extension: Part 2-Prepare SAP Jam

In This Part

We are going to enable SAP Jam — an online collaboration tool — and create a second account for collaboration example.

Create Second SCP Trial Account

  1. Open Chrome’s Incognito Mode and go to
  2. Create a new SCP trial account as your second account in addition to your primary account.

Enable SAP Jam

  1. With your primary account, log on SCP and enable SAP Jam service.
  2. After enable, copy link of Go to Service and create a bookmark.
  3. Enter the service.
  4. Go to Groups → Create a Group
  5. Enter the following information and click Create
    Template: Topic-based Collaboration Template
    Group Name: Testing Group
    Permission: Private
    Activate this group view is selected
  6. Click Accept in the next screen.

Learn about Discussions

  1. Select Forum in the left navigation menu and click Discussion item.
  2. Click Add Discussion
  3. Enter topic and some text and hit Publish.
  4. Now, you’ve got your first discussion published.

Invite your second account to SAP Jam

  1. With your primary account, go to SAP Jam service and hit Configure Service.
  2. Go to Roles. Assign your second ID to SAP_JAM_USER.
  3. Go back to SAP Jam, go to Group → Testing Group and click + Invite button
  4. Type in the name of your second account and select it. Click Send.
  5. With your second account, open the SAP Jam link of your primary account.
  6. You should see the invitation in the notification. Click Join and Accept.
  7. Now, your second account should be in the Testing Group, same as your primary account.

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