Collaborative Extension: Part 3-Setup Connection from SCP to SAP Jam

In this Part

We are going to setup the connection between SCP and SAP Jam so we can leverage SAP Jam APIs within SCP.

Configure SAP Jam (1st Handshake)

In SAP HANA Cloud Platform, identity information is provided by identity providers (IdP), and not stored on SAP HANA Cloud Platform itself. You can have a different IdP for each account you own, and this is configurable using the Cockpit

Get SCP Trust Secrets

  1. Log on SCP Cockpit and go to Security → Trust.
  2. In Trust Management, click Edit.
  3. Select Custom for Configuration Type.
  4. Copy Local Provider Name e.g. and paste into text editor for later use.
  5. Copy Signing Certificate and paste into text editor for later use. (Click Generate Key Pair if it is blank)
  6. Click Save.
  7. Click Get Metadata to download Custom Identity Provider Metadata file

Add SCP Trust Secrets to SAP Jam

  1. Go to SAP Jam (via the link you bookmarked before)
  2. Click the gear icon on the top toolbar (Account Settings) and select Admin.
  3. On the left navigation, click + icon at the Integrations item and select SAML Trusted IDPs.
  4. Click Register your SAML Trusted IdP button.
  5. In Metadata File, select Custom Identity Provider Metadata file you downloaded before.
  6. Paste your Local Provider Name into IDP ID and paste the Signing Certificate to X509 Certificate (Base64) field.
  7. Check the Enabled field and click Register.
  8. Make sure the Trusted IdP is enabled.

Configure SCP to call Jam Service via OAuth

Get OAuth Client Key

  1. In SAP Jam, click OAuth Client under Integrations in the left navigation menu.
  2. Click Add OAuth Client.
  3. Input the following:
    Name: SAP Cloud Platform
    Integration URL:
  4. Click Save.
  5. At the OAuth client you just created, click View.
  6. Copy the Key string to your text editor for later use.

Configure SCP

  1. Go back to SCP, and set the trust Configuration Type back to Default and Save.
  2. Go to Connectivity → Destinations and click New Destination.
  3. Input the following:
    Name: jam-internet-http
    Type: HTTP
    Description: SAP JAM API
    Proxy Type: Internet
    Authentication: OAuth2SAMLBearerAssertion
    Client Key: (input your Key string)
    Token Service URL:
  4. Add the following additional properties:
    TrustAll: true
    WebIDEEnabled: true
    WebIDEUsage: odata_gen
  5. Click Save.

Access SAP Jam API from SCP

  1. Go to
  2. Click Try!
  3. Copy the Requested URL.
  4. Open Web IDE and create a new project from template.
  5. Select List Report Application.
  6. Input Jam in Project Name and Title then click Next.
  7. In Data Connection page, select Service URL.
  8. Choose SAP JAM API from the dropdown and paste api/v1/OData in the URL and click Test.
  9. You should now see the list of available services meaning the conenction is working fine. You can now cancel and exit.

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