Running Spring Boot Application on SAP Cloud Platform

Cloud Foundry and Neo Environment

Chairat Onyaem
Sep 23, 2017 · 5 min read

Create a Hello World Application

A New Project Named ‘spring-boot-helloscp’

Build and Deploy on SCP Cloud Foundry

Deploying Application on SCP Cloud Foundry Environment
Application Dashboard on Cloud Foundry Environment
Spring Boot Application on Cloud Foundry Environment

Deploy using Command Line Interface (CLI)

Deploying JAR file Result in Unknown Error
$ cf api
Setting api endpoint to
api endpoint:
api version: 2.94.0
Not logged in. Use 'cf login' to log in.
$ cf login
API endpoint:
Email> xxxxx@xxxxx.comPassword>
Targeted org Xxxxxxxxxxxtrial_trialTargeted space devAPI endpoint: (API version: 2.94.0)
Showing health and status for app app12345 in org Xxxxxxxxxxxtrial_trial / space dev as
requested state: started
instances: 1/1
usage: 512M x 1 instances
last uploaded: Sun Oct 1 04:24:50 UTC 2017
stack: cflinuxfs2
buildpack: client-certificate-mapper=1.3.0_RELEASE container-security-provider=1.10.0_RELEASE java-buildpack=v3.19- java-main open-jdk-like-jre=1.8.0_144 open-jdk-like-memory-calculator=2.0.2_RELEASE open-...
state since cpu memory disk details
running 2017-10-01 11:26:01 AM 49.5% 282.1M of 512M 142M of 512M
Deployed Application via CF CLI

Build and Deploy on Neo Environment

Deploying Application on SCP Neo Environment
Application Dashboard on Neo Environment
Spring Boot Application on Neo Environment

Deploying Options

Source Codes

Make JAR, not WAR.

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