Stanley FatMax Review

The one Bunnings Warehouse wouldn’t publish

Greetings from the Couch
Aug 3 · 2 min read

I bought a cutting knife from Bunnings:

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They asked for a review, so I gave one.

Should’ve bought the original retractable Stanley

The tool has two design issues. First is the packing which is locked under the center screw and leaves sharp edges when pulled off the knife as directed; it took five minutes with a pair of wire cutters to get it out. Second, the blade must be installed and removed by hand. It’s both unsafe to leave it in after use, and will damage other tools if left exposed in a box.

And I sent it off and thought nothing more of it until this morning, when this arrived:

Sorry, your review cannot be published.

Hi LJ sinclair,

Our team has read your review and it did not meet all of our review guidelines.

You can edit your review and submit again, or write a different review.

Submit another review

Find out why your product review can’t be published.

Thanks again,

Bunnings Warehouse

So I checked the review criteria:

  • Profanity or generally inappropriate material — nope
  • Mentions of competitors or price — nope
  • Names or other personally identifiable information — nope
  • Customer service, store names or locations — nope
  • Lack of information, off topic or not relevant to the product being reviewed — nope

I could just let this go and do something more interesting. Or I could take them up on raising a query regarding the review. Or I could write a new review for them:

Such a simple design and so effective.

I love this knife and it loves me. When I reach into my toolbox, it gives me a little love-stab to remind me to wear thick gloves whilst using it.

And some might complain about the non-retractable blade, but I think it’s great. It means I always start the day with a clean, sharp blade because the old one has been destroyed by the other tools. I don’t think they like my Stanley Fat Max knife at all.

There’s ergonomics at work here too. If I hold the knife wrongly, the palm of my hand is slashed by sharp packaging left beneath the centre screw.

Really, this is a 10/10 for design craftsmanship from Stanley tools. Well done!

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