5 Things You Need to Know Before Opening Your Exam Results

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With exams officially over, no more revision in sight and all the free time in the world it’s officially time to celebrate! Right?

Not according to your subconscious, which is already freaking out about those exam results and whether you crammed in as much as possible. Even those of you who thought you aced it on the day are probably warping your exam in retrospect into something like this…

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Here are a few reality checks to help you prepare for that moment when your results come:

1. Exams are not everything. Despite all that your lecturers probably ever told you, your exam results are not the most important thing in the world and do not define your worth or cleverness. As someone said in much better words:

Please remember strangers gave you these scores. And remember that there are many ways of being smart.
These strangers do not know that you can play the violin or dance or paint a picture. They do not know that you take care of your little brother after school, that your friends can count on you, that your laughter can brighten the dreariest days.
- Mary Ginley, 1998 Massachusetts Teacher of the Year

2. It’s okay to have emotions and to let them out. Whether you absolutely kill it in your grades or bomb miserably, you’re guaranteed to have some feels that will want to be set free. So let them out! Crying can be a totally understandable and natural response to disappointment in your life, just make sure you keep things in perspective and use your friends and family for support.

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3. Avoiding your results will not make them change. While your newfound obsession with a life away from technology (#techfree) may be caused by a genuine desire to disconnect, make sure it’s not because of a certain email that will be winging its way to you soon. Avoidance is never a good way to tackle challenges and, unfortunately, can’t change what’s in the past. Embrace the fear — you’ve got this.

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4. Comparing is the root of all evil. While the first thing you may want to do is call your bestie and compare marks so you can wallow or celebrate together, remember that comparing doesn’t actually achieve anything other than diminishing your sense of self. More often than not, comparisons just bring negativity in doses that’ll turn you into a mini Regina George.

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5. The world is full of opportunities. What do Coco Chanel, Mark Zuckerberg and Walt Disney have in common? They all never gained a university qualification. There are many paths that take you to where you want to go in life, and university is just one of them. Even when things go sideways, don’t throw in the towel on life. Perhaps there’s a new door that needs to be opened, a new opportunity to be followed or a new passion to pursue.

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From everyone on the Paddl team — all the best for your exam results! Remember if you need a distraction while you wait, there are always Paddl jobs.

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