8 Skills You Probably Didn’t Realise You Even Had

Students are failing to recognise that skills are not just gained through professional work experience but also their studies, hobbies and other casual work.

Throughout their studies, Students are looking to gain and improve their skills to increase their employability when applying for jobs. While there will always be job-specific skills that Employers look for, there seems to be a common misunderstanding amongst Students that they don’t possess the more general skills that signify a good job candidate.

Below are our top eight transferable and generic skills that can help you secure a job. How many of these didn’t you realise you even had?

1. Communication

This is a skill which every Student utilises through their day-to-day life without even realising it. Whether it’s conversing directly and clearly with your peers or lecturers on Uni assignments, or it’s writing back to your friends messages on social media to organise holiday getaways — communication is being used every day by everyone so don’t discount this skill.

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2. Teamwork

Ever a part of a sports team or a Student group? Working together as a team is a great way to show the Employer your capable of sharing information, as well as supporting and empowering other team members. It also helps if you’ve ever been a leader in these areas (think, House Captain or Prefect at your high school).

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3. Initiative & Enterprise

If you’re a creative person and like thinking outside the box, this is the perfect skill to demonstrate to an Employer. You might have your own business or have improved processes at a previous part-time job; Employers love people who can see the bigger picture and show initiative.

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4. Planning and Organisation

This is another transferable skill that most Students use every single day. It can be as simple as doing chores around your house, managing your study by creating a timetable or running a school event. Being able to understand and organise timelines can be very valuable for a business with small or large projects.

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5. Problem Solving

The ability to work through solutions when you’re faced with a difficult set-back is a key skill in any work place. This can be shown by difficult issues arising at your current workplace with a customer complaint, doing research assignments as part of your studies or solving problems in a team environment.

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6. Learning

Showing that you’ve completed subjects at school, University or TAFE is a clear indication of up skilling your knowledge and learning. Extra learning courses on top of your studies is another fantastic way to show your dedication to learning and taking initiative.

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7. Self Management

Everyone hates being micro-managed or having someone check up on you every few minutes. If you can meet deadlines by time-management and delegation you’ll be breath of fresh air for any Employer. Joining a volunteer group or asking for more responsibility at your work place are all efforts in improving your self management.

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8. Technology

The Internet… what’s that? If you haven’t been living under a rock for your entire life you’ll have noticed that everything is turning digital and going online —or ‘on the line’ for the oldies out there. Through the use of social media platforms, gaming and computer programs like word and excel, everyone in the 21 century has a pretty good grasp on technology. Make sure you include this in any communication with Employers.

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Next time you’re applying for a job in Paddl, have a think about which of the key employability skills you’ve gained throughout your life and include them appropriately in your initial contact with Employers.

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