Exciting News: We’ve Closed Our Pre-Seed Round and Raised $500k! #MoreForYou

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2 min readFeb 13, 2023

The entire team at Pade is thrilled to share some exciting news with you! We’ve just closed our pre-seed round, raising $500k in funding. This marks a significant milestone for us and is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication toward ensuring that the way people are managed in the new world of work is more efficient.

In business, HR is often seen as a necessary evil. Between recruiting new employees, managing payroll, and handling benefits and other administrative tasks, HRing can quickly become overwhelming, taking up time and effort that could be dispended towards other business needs. In the past year, Pade helped over 100 businesses get the best out of their most valuable resource — people — by automating and simplifying their HR processes, processing 2.67bn Naira ($6.3m) in payroll (multiple currencies), and managing over 10,000 employee profiles, delivering these businesses to profitability.

With this funding, we plan to take some leaps; we will scale our operations, upgrade existing features, ship more features based on customer insight, and reach more African businesses with our innovative HR solutions.

A huge thanks to our investors led by Zrosk IML, with participation from Zedcrest Capital, Microtraction, Expert Dojo, and Resilience 17, along with several angel investors, for their support and belief in our mission. This support fuels us to achieve our goal of revolutionizing HR in Africa.

On our end, we believe by streamlining HR processes and transforming the way of work, businesses can focus on achieving better business outcomes. Our customers believe we can truly help them achieve this and we’re definitely committed to seeing this through.

In the coming days, keep your eyes peeled for all that’s #MoreForYou with Pade.

See you on the other side of better people management.

Love, Pade. 💙