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Nitesh Goel
Apr 9, 2018 · 11 min read

What’s changing?

Padlet Basic (Free)

Padlet Pro ($8.25 a month)

Existing users of the Free plan

Existing users of the Jetpack plan

Existing user of Backpack and Briefcase



Is Padlet no longer free?

Why introduce paid plans now?

As an existing user, will I lose the work I have created?

As an existing user, will I need to pay?

If I delete padlets, does that change the quota?

3 isn’t enough padlets for anyone. Your free plan is useless for new users.

$99 a year is outrageous.

Just give us the text posting for free. Charge for fancy features.

Other companies are able to offer their products for free. Why can’t Padlet just be free?

Why not just show ads?

Why did you make this decision all of a sudden, without notice?

My quota is 20, but my friend’s is 30. That’s not fair.

I used to love Padlet but I can no longer recommend it because of the limits on the new free plan.

You could have handled the announcement better.

Padlet has horrible community engagement.

I hate you. I want to leave. What are my options?

What’s next?

Referral program

Group discounts

Monthly Pro plan

Starter plan between Free and Pro


Padlet, Ink.

Words etc from your folks at Padlet.

    Nitesh Goel

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    Founder, Padlet.

    Padlet, Ink.

    Words etc from your folks at Padlet.