I Got Mail 💌

Day 10 | 76 days to go to full recovery

Missing James, Nancy and The Smiths’ Pack
Today, I got mail and it made me very happy. Mr. and Mrs. Smith, owners of the Smith’s Dog Lodge in Monument, sent me a get well card. It was signed by them and my pack buddies. I LOVE going to Mr. Smith’s where I can run in the meadow and feel like a tundra wolf!
This morning, for the first time, Mommy took me outside without the sling and I was confidently motoring through the yard. Loved it! Thankfully, hair on my butt is slowly growing back — can’t happen fast enough. However, it’s very itchy right now. And that’s where Number Three, aka Daddy, is useful. He scratches my butt.
Number three refers to his place in our pack. Of course Momma is number one, I am number two, Dad three, and Hans Olo number four. This all seems very linear but you should think of it in terms of groups. Me and Momma are in one group. Dad and Hans are in a second group. And without being overly harsh I’ll just say there’s a big gap between the two groups.
Well another good day on my way to full recovery — and back to Mr Smith’s!!!
Thank You!

Lessons Learned

  • She has more and more energy and sometimes we have to keep her from running through the basement. We bought wire gates to confine her to a smaller space when needed. Pictures to follow.
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