Let The Fun Begin!

Day 57 | 29 days to go to full recovery

At Devon Dog Park up North

I like this 8 Week milestone A LOT!! I had a blast starting a couple of the fun activities I love so much, like going to the dog park up north and going swimming. Unfortunately, in these past eight weeks, mommy forgot how to throw the ball and needs to start practicing again — these two meter throws were pretty pathetic.

Swimming at Jasper’s Splash Zone. They were happy to see me back!!

My non skid socks from the Republic of Paws in Old Colorado City

Lessons Learned

  • At eight weeks we can gradually start the activities again. We just have to go real easy, I.e, just one round in the dog park, short throws of the balls and only 15 minutes of swimming with a life jacket on.
  • There are non skid socks that can help to avoid sliding on hard wood floors.
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