The Pagan House Way

The Pagan House Way
The core of our system is based on the idea that in order to change our world, we must BE the change we want to see. This emphasis on individual responsibility, and on living your life in accordance with your ideals, sets Pagan House apart from other organizations. Just as the alchemists of old worked to transmute the lead of their current existence into the gold of a perfected human, so Pagan House seeks to use the practice of Witchcraft, the structure of Wicca, the freedom of experience based Shamanism, and the data modern science to create lasting personal change. 
We practice rites to attune ourselves with the natural rhythm of life forces marked by the phases of the Moon and the seasonal Quarters and Cross Quarters. Each of the eight sabbats has a traditional meaning, a modern meaning, and a Pagan House meaning. The traditional meaning is based on historical records, and what can be gleaned from the archaeological record. The modern meaning is what the holiday has come to represent in Neo-Pagan practice. At Pagan House, the traditional meaning has been reinterpreted so as to apply to individual transformation. Each of the thirteen Esbats has also been adapted for the purpose of personal refinement. 
The Gods and Goddesses are, of course, worshiped and adored, but their role is slightly different. Deities are mentors, and the abilities, qualities, and powers they have are transmitted to their priests and priestesses as rewards for faithful service. A person’s choice of Deity is not a lifetime commitment; although it can be. Just as every individual has many teachers or gurus in their lives, so they can have many Gods or Goddesses. As the details of each Deity are explored, the person matures and learns through emulation. When a person thinks enough has learned from that God or Goddess, another one is explored. 
In this way, not only does the person develop a depth of personality, but also a depth of understanding of the culture and time in which the Deity was popular. We believe that the re-emergence of the Pagan Faith, and worship of the Earth and Her natural systems herald a New Age of human development. One in which the actualized individual’s potential becomes the bedrock upon which a more perfect society is built. I encourage everyone who has ever looked in wonder at the dappled sunlight streaming through leaves swaying in a springtime breeze to look deep into their hearts and ask, “Is this Earth worthy of my worship?” Answer “Yes!” and follow us. It is a kinder, gentler path, with soft ground, wide flower-lined roads, and a mother’s guidance, forgiveness, and acceptance at every turn.