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Why Blockchain?

How can it help participants in the PAGE Network?

The PAGE Network is an online content theme park platform based on NFTs. The PAGE platform has three main goals. The first is to solve the distribution of illegal copies of IP content with NFT technology. Secondly, it will enable the direct exchange of content between content producers, consumers, and investors. Finally, it aims to establish a decentralized platform through a reward ecosystem based on a transparent settlement system.

Welcome to the PAGE Network!

Blockchain is a distributed data storage technology. It takes data, connects it in a chain, and replicates and stores it on numerous computers at the same time. The PAGE Network’s platform ecosystem utilizes blockchain technology. Today we will explore why you should use blockchain technology and what its advantages are. Please read the following for more details.

Copyright Issues

A Non-Fungible Token (NFT) refers to a blockchain token with irreplaceable information. NFTs use blockchain encryption technology to give separate and unique identification information to digital files such as pictures, videos, and music. Unlike fungible tokens, each token has its own unique characteristics because the information contained in the block includes a unique identifier and data about the underlying asset. The non-fungible property of NFTs means that the owner can prove the originality, authenticity, uniqueness, ownership, and purchase history of a digital file. This is what makes NFTs “rare.”

PAGE records digital files on the blockchain so that they can be made into unique NFTs. This also ensures transparent information disclosure and creates an environment where content creators can work with confidence. Buyers will be encouraged to purchase NFTs because they can avoid the risk of counterfeit goods. These steps will eventually lead to the revitalization of the entire content industry.

Elimination of Intermediaries

Through blockchain technology, PAGE can create a content theme park platform where intermediaries do not exist. This will help build an ecosystem that will return profits to content producers, consumers, and investors. Users can access a theme park that contains various content on the platform. This allows users to directly invest in, produce, or use IP content without intermediaries. At the same time, content producers, consumers, and investors will incur less fees than in the existing content market.

Transparent Revenue Distribution

PAGE will convert the IP content it owns into NFTs. It will utilize blockchain-based smart contracts to ensure transparent and accurate profit distribution through the establishment of an NFT investment system. Through the investment system, the shares of the associated IP content will be minted and distributed to stakeholders in proportion to their investment contribution. All information regarding shares will be recorded as on-chain data and managed accurately and transparently. Profits from IP-related content will be accumulated in the DAO Pool and settled transparently through smart contracts. In addition, the access and transaction rights of IP content will also be provided transparently in the smart contract. Transparency is guaranteed so that ecosystem participants are not able to forge or falsify the transfer of tokens while they engage in activities. These improvements on the current system will encourage users to participate in the ecosystem, creating a virtuous cycle that results in a productive value chain.

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