Pagedraw is hiring full time engineers and interns, 2018 edition

Jared Pochtar
Feb 27, 2018 · 2 min read

Like developer tools? Web development? Compilers?

Join us at Pagedraw, a startup that gives designers the superpowers of developers. Founded by Harvard undergrads, Pagedraw solves the problem of time wasted writing HTML and CSS code. At the core, we are a compiler that takes as input drawings like this:

Pagedraw is a free-form UI builder for React. It’s used like Sketch, but emits flexbox code like I’d write by hand. You can check it out at or try a demo.

The Pagedraw team is all compilers people, unlike WYSIWGs before us. At its core, it works because we’re approaching the problem like a compiler. We believe it turns out there’s no other way to solve the problem in general, which is why most WYSIWGs for the web don’t work. Pagedraw’s the best place to work if you want to work on compilers but do it at a startup.

Pagedraw is exposed to the user as an in-browser drawing tool / IDE combo. Getting good performance on that is hard. We need someone who likes making really polished pro tools, especially if they’re also systems people who can write high performance code.

On top of all that, we live sync between an in-browser editor, a CLI, the user’s filesystem, a compiler running on our servers, and between multiple users in the same document, a-la google docs.

You could say we picked our favorite problems from CS (performance, compilers, distributed systems) and combined them into one mega-hard product to work on after school. You’d probably be right!

If you’re interested, apply by sending your resume and why you love devtools to


The Pagedraw Team


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