NEWS | Pager Partners with Evolution Health to Become the Largest On-Demand Healthcare Solutions in the U.S.

We’re excited to announce our partnership with Evolution Health, the division of healthcare pioneer Envision Healthcare (NYSE: EVHC) that specializes in the care and management of patient populations in the home, mobile environment and beyond.

Once connected via Pager, Evolution Health will use its telehealth technology to match patients with the appropriate clinical resource for their immediate needs. A medical visit or tele-consult is then scheduled, typically for within one hour of the initial call. In many cases, ride sharing services like Uber will bring the clinician to the patient’s home or office. Through this, patients will be able to receive high-quality healthcare services that are efficient, cost-effective and convenient.

“Pager is about leveraging great technology and world-class design to connect people with the right type of care at the right time, and to deliver that care where and when they need it,” said Gaspard de Dreuzy, co-founder and CEO of Pager. “We are proud to partner with Evolution Health and together we will use cutting-edge technology and best practices medical care to provide an unparalleled customized experience to patients across the country.”
“Evolution Health has intentionally designed a healthcare delivery system to improve the value of care based on the needs of a population, and that requires resources to provide both planned and unplanned care to improve health at that level,” added Eric Beck, DO, MPH, EMT-P, emergency physician and CEO of Evolution Health. “Pager is an ideal partner for Evolution Health as we create a better healthcare experience through innovation, engagement technology and choice architecture.”

The breakthrough partnership combines Pager’s patient-centric technology with Evolution Health’s physician-led, team-based model of care. Working with sister companies EmCare and American Medical Response, Evolution Health has access to unmatched clinical resources of more than 31,000 hospital-based physicians, community-based paramedics, nurses, advanced practice providers and other clinicians caring for more than 18 million patients annually across the nation.

“This partnership is a unique opportunity for two pioneering companies to collaborate on delivering high quality care that is innovative, safe and easily accessible,” said Daniel Castillo, MD, MBA, Executive Vice President and Chief Quality Officer of Evolution Health.
“By focusing on the needs of a more sustainable healthcare model in America, the Pager technology allows for enhanced methods of connecting patients to doctors remotely, which in turn allows for cost efficiencies and higher patient satisfaction rates”, said Chief Medical Officer at Pager, Aran Ron. “Evolution Health has embraced that technology to give consumers across the U.S. a great alternative.”

The partnership begins on November 1, 2015, and will initially be available in San Francisco and New York.

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