Create a Docker droplet on Digital Ocean

Hi there! My name is Austin Miller, I’m the founder of PagerTree. In this post, I will walk you through creating a Docker droplet on Digital Ocean and login to it.


You’ll need several tools for this tutorial.

  1. A Digital Ocean account — If you don’t already have an account with Digital Ocean you will want to create one using this link. Using that link will automatically give you a $10 promotional credit.
  2. PuttyGen & Putty — PuttyGen will be used to generate our SSH key, and Putty will be used to SSH to our droplet. You can download them here.

Create A SSH Key 🔑

The first thing we want to do it create a SSH key so we can easily login to our droplet. For this step you’ll want to use PuttyGen. Make sure to save your private key file (.ppk). You’ll need it below.

Create an SSH Key for Digital Ocean

Create a Docker Droplet 🐳

The next step will be to create a droplet in Digital Ocean. For the region, select the region that is closet to you. Don’t forget to select the SSH Key!

Create a Docker Droplet

SSH to the Droplet ⚡️

Lastly lets connect to our newly created droplet. For this step you’ll want to use Putty. Make sure to set the Auto-login username to root and set the Private Key File to your newly created .ppk file.

SSH to the Droplet using Putty

Congrats! Your done! 👏️

If you’ve made it here you have successfully created a Docker droplet on Digital Ocean and have logged in to it. Nice! 👌

Hope that this was helpful. If you have any suggestions on this post, leave a message in the comments below.

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— Austin