Nerd is the new sexy

Among all the name callings we consider insult, nerd is one of them. We usually get offended and defend ourselves when someone calls us “Nerd”, Don’t we? Not only is it limited to name calling, nerds have very often been found to be the victims of bullies in schools.

Let me start off this discussion with a definition of NERD — “a single-minded expert in a particular technical field”. I don’t know how is this definition offensive in any way whatsoever. There are few other definitions of nerd that certainly reflect negative traits but by the end of this article, I am optimistic of having changed your perception on this underrated, undervalued and undermined word.

“Nerd is the new sexy” and trust me, sapiosexuals are attracted to nothing but nerds. I am writing this article with a purpose to make students or anyone, for that matter, feel comfortable in entitling themselves nerd or respecting a nerd if you know any among your acquaintance, without the fear of being judged by others.

Being a nerd is something to be proud of. Like any other adjectives as beautiful, smart, intelligent, sexy, hot and so on, nerd is an adjective that is not something to get offended from. In fact, I feel proud to mention around myself “a nerd” on social networking sites like quora, facebook, instagram and also on the introductory post of this blog.

Nerds are in the game of game-changing

Nerds are the game-changing players. They are good in what they do and their expertise comes from reading books and applying it to solve real life problems or directly from experience. There is a thin line between being a nerd and being a book worm. Book worms are usually not so competent in putting the learnt knowledge to application (Owww! That was harsh). Take a look at all the great businessmen Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Larry Page, Mark Zuckerberg and many more, scientists like Stephen Hawking, Neil deGrasse Tyson, Einstein, Newton, Nikola Tesla and the list just goes on. They are all nerds and it is because of their contribution the world has evolved in technology and business through continual innovations.

We can say “Nerds rule in both the real and fictional worlds”.

Fictional TV characters that are nerd and sexy together

The Big Bang Theory

The Big Bang Theory is an American sitcom about the lives of a bunch of nerd friends Sheldon (Theoretical Physicist), Leonard (Experimental Physicist), Howard (Masters in Engineering) and Rajesh (Astrophysicist). Later Bernadette and Amy also joins in as female counterparts who are as nerd as any of those 4 guys. Penny is a hot neighbor who is also a struggling actress in Hollywood and works part time in a “cheesecake factory”. Sheldon is very well aware of himself being a super nerd and he is very proud of it, though it comes at the cost of his “Bazingaaaa!!” humor.

Harry Potter Series

Do you think Harry Potter could have beaten “The One Who Must Not Be Named” without the help of Hermoine Granger?


How do you think Dexter, a forensic technician specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis in Miami Metro Police Department and serial killer was so good in his job? He was always around police officials and yet always succeeding in killing people for his own pleasure with his famous monologue “Tonight’s the night” just when he is off to execute a planned murder.

BTW “Dexter” is an American television crime drama mystery series, for those who are lost on what I am talking about.

Whoah!! Bang On!!!


Haven’t Harvey Spectar, Mike Ross and Louis Litt, from an American legal drama TV series “Suits”, burnt midnight oil in studying those big fat law books to make themselves who they are today? — Damn right, one of the best lawyers in the New York City. No one just becomes a Harvard graduated lawyer without being a nerd.

Prison Break

Another American TV serial drama “Prison Break” where an engineer installs himself in a prison he helped design, to help his brother, who is a death-row inmate, escape. Had he been able to do so if he were not that big of a nerd to keep into account every single detail required to break out of the prison.


Felicity, from American TV Serial “Arrow” from DC Comics, is always able to hack into government databases and retrieve information to help Arrow, a secret vigilante, solve crimes in their city.

From all the examples given, I think I have made my point. Now we can say the hypothesis about “the negative definitions provided by websites are irrelevant and obnoxious” has been proven to be true.

Pagish took the liberty to chart down a mind map on behavioural traits of a nerd. Click on the infographic below for some “Wow” and some “Pheww” moments.

Nerds are part and parcel of the society and without them the world will come to a standstill in any form of scientific, technological or economical advancements.

To all the studs out there “May the Nerds be with you” .

If you know any more references for “Nerd is the new sexy”, feel free to post your comments below.

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