Its Diwali time and let’s give a reason to everyone (both humans and non-humans) to celebrate it

Diwali is already here and I can hear the sounds of crackers all over the neighborhood. It is a good feeling knowing people are having a good time during this festive season of the year but it really bums me out at the same time to find the stray dogs and birds choking from all the air-pollutants and the ear-ringing sounds of explosive crackers.

I don’t have any intent of demeaning the festive season and the freedom of people to celebrate the occasion to their fullest. This article is only to suggest few alternative ways to celebrate Diwali to those who can turn on their empathetic side of themselves towards the ones who don’t have the voice of their own.

However, Diwali is not a festival of lights in order that we may burn candles, fireworks and sparklers. Sure, these are wonderful ways of expressing our gaiety. But, it is not the only or true meaning of ‘light’. Diwali is a festival of the light which dispels the darkness of our ignorance; it is a festival of the light which shows us the way on our journey through life. The purpose is not to glorify the light of the candle or the firecracker. The purpose is to glorify the light of God. It is He who bestows the real light, the everlasting light upon the darkness of this mundane world. A candle burns out. A firework is a momentary visual experience. But, the candle of a still mind and the fireworks of a heart-filled with bhakti are divine and eternal; these are what we should be celebrating.

The light of Diwali should be within us. It should symbolise the personal relationship between God and our families/friends.

Meeting friends and relatives

What’s better than catching up with everyone’s life and feeling nostalgic about the times you used to spend with them?

Finding some time out of your hectic schedule to sit down and talk to your friends over a dinner and few drinks is just among the best things one can do for relaxing the f**k out.



“You betcha” — girls shouting their lungs out. Shopping is definitely among the most preferable activity on such festive occasions as these(to tell you the truth it is, all round the year).

Get out with your friends and hop on all the shopping malls that might have the best brands suiting your shopping requirements. If not buy anything, at least window shopping is a good brain relaxers for all the girls out there.

(and letting your besties know how important they are and thanking them for being there for you when you wanna talk about boys or shoes and/or bearing you when PMS’ing)


Going out for dinner /vacation with your family

Going out for dinner/vacation with your family is again a good gesture on your part to let them know how amazing Diwali season turns out to be with them being part of your celebration.


Feeding/helping a poor in need

This is something one must do every time you have a chance and an occasion as festive as Diwali should definitely be one of all of the chances one can have.

Inviting someone hungry or in need over a dinner would just light your inner self with all the peace and happiness you have been in pursuit for the rest of the year.


As they say “What goes around comes around” and the above actions would just bring positive vibes within and around yourself.

Let us all make this world a better place in all the ways possible. One should always be looking for reasons, the least of all, to spread happiness around to find positivity in return.

Being the smartest of all co-habitants of this beautiful world, it is our responsibility to make sure we live and let live instead of satisfying our selfish desires to find happiness at the cost of others’ lives.

For all I can say is “Diwali is the festival of lights and the best way to bring meaning to this festival is by bringing light in others’ lives; rather than just lighting the world around literally with fireworks and candles.”

So, let’s do our bit this Diwali in making this world a better place for good.

We wish you a very Happy, safe and enriching Diwali !!!!

Happy Diwali

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