Another day in bed

For a number of years now I’ve had a dancing partner with moves I don’t understand. My day, and body get tossed about for a loop whenever it feels like it, I never know with much more than an Uhhh Ohhhh that BED is the next thing I will be doing. Today was another one of those days. Up in the early AM, coffee, reading, texting, calling insurance company….then while boiling eggs making them hard boiled, laying in a spot of sun as a kitty would do….the snoring began….once the timer went off and the ice went over the eggs before going in the fridge to cool, I knew….bed was next. An hour and a half under the covers it was.

The name of this unforgiving dancing partner, which by the way has a counterpart that acts independent with its’ own moves, is FIBROMYALGIA. Since 2008 we have been dancing, and the body is tired… OSTEOARTHRITIS is the other buggar. A slew of other things make life “interesting” but these two are the most complex on a daily grind.

There is also a thing called “Fibro Fog” that makes speech and thought a bit more challenging at times, it may be displayed as verblexia. The displacement of words in the order they are thought of. The brain works quicker than the ability to express that which is thought. Fun times :)

THIS is my first post, the inaugural launch to being more OUTspoken, in the way that it may help others as well as free up space for me to deal with what IS important in life……What’s NEXT! :)

For now, I bid you adieu…


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