Spun Glass and Too Many Pills

Every day it feels as though my body is made of spun glass. Every step it shatters a bit more. Every movement. Every bump. Only gentle hugs. Even lying still as can be at night the pain can be unbearable. Medications are useless. Fewer and fewer doctors are prescribing opioids. Personally, I’m okay with that. They never helped for me anyway. However. the muscle relaxers and anti depressants that are “supposed” to help the pain are just as worthless. I feel like I have no say in my own treatment anymore. Over a year and a half ago, I asked if I could slowly be weaned off all of my medications and start fresh. There’s a couple of them I’ve been on for over 7 years. I’m afraid of the affect that has taken on my body. My doctor agreed, but now somehow I have four more medications than I did originally. In the meantime, I will wait with my spun glass bones and bottles full of pills. I wait.

Love and Gentle Hugs,


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