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Geeksphone Keon — Firefox OS

Geeksphone Keon unboxingI am fortunate to have scored one of the few Firefox OS mobile phones released a few weeks ago in Spain. A few minutes after they were announced, they were sold out, but luckily I have some connections! Lets take a look…

So thus starts a real-life evaluation of the new Firefox OS for mobile phones. I’ll be posting updates to my blog about feedback as I note interesting things. You can read about Firefox OS here.

Here are a few first thoughts:

  • I am pretty sure there is an Android core running behind everything. (will confirm later)
  • It wasn’t super easy to import my contacts (no google sync… yet?)
  • The phone app doesn’t have a ‘favorites’ or ‘speed-dial’ feature that I could find
  • It is unlocked out-of-the-box, so it worked with my ATT and T-Mobile service
  • The general OS seems a little glitchy, but also reasonably smooth for a pre-release version!
  • It is crazy tiny compared to my galaxy note phablet :)

More usability goodness soon. I’m also pretty jazzed that it will be easy to upgrade the OS over the air.



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