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How fast is my new Windows 8.1 PC ? oh, you can’t tell ?

One of the many changes Microsoft has made in its 8.1 update for Windows is to (kinda) remove the Windows Performance Index from the system properties. #boohoo #notreally #meh Do you care? What if you still want to see it ?

While this doesn’t have any notable impact on anything related to your computer, business apps or games, it has a sort of geek social impact:

“I just got a new _________ [ tablet | PC ] and I want to see how much faster it is than [ yours | my old pc | other ]”

Well good news (sorta), the gui for Win 8.1 may have removed the sort of meaningless performance index, but you can still get the data for Window’s biased performance metrics.

TIP: Of course, if you really cared about details and knowing what apps work better and why, you [ could | should ] download a free benchmark tool and run it on all your competing hardware.

So if you gotta be able to compare your shiny new win8.1 hardware with other windows hardware, here is how you get the stats:

  1. Open a command prompt as administrator

    How? Go to your desktop, Right click (or on a tablet, press and hold) the windows icon (formerly start menu), and select “Command Prompt (Admin)”
  2. Run the command “winsat prepop

    Let this do its thing, and it will save summary data needed for the next step :)
  3. Run PowerShell as Administrator

    How? Go to the right hand menu (swipe in from the right side on a tablet), click search and type “Powershell” — then right click (or on a tablet, press and hold) on “Windows PowerShell”, and a popup menu will appear. Click or tap on “Run as administrator”
  4. Run the command “Get-WmiObject -Class Win32_WinSAT

    This spits out some of the stats you should be familiar with, and comparing apples to apples (figuratively speaking, ok ok, it compares PCs to PCs)

There ya go. Have fun. Now I have already experienced with a few tablets, where some of the tests just don’t run right, resulting in “0” values for some of the performance index info. Don’t know why, but it certainly has to do with newer hardware that isn’t fully supported for performance benchmarking. If it is an issue for you, you can read the tip I wrote further up in this article.

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