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PaintSwap NFT Contract Factory

Introducing PaintSwap NFT Contract Factory the simplest route to market for all your NFT needs.

The creation process of contracts, NFTs and collections are now broken down into individual steps. These are tailored to the needs of the creator. Whether it’s wanting to create a brand new contract, mint to that or the community NFT, or already have a contract and want to display it on PaintSwap, it’s now all available from the create dashboard.

Creating your own ERC1155 NFT contract

Clicking this takes you to a brand new page for creating an ERC1155 contract on the Fantom Blockchain:

Simply supply the name, this is only used for internal purposes (although still publicly visible on the blockchain). Select whether you would like royalties and how much, this uses ERC2981 support which can be read from by NFT Marketplaces if supported. How many mints this contract should allow, so it could something like 100 unique NFTs to give confidence to your holders that more won’t be produced later, or 0 for unlimited minting. It costs 500 BRUSH to create the contract on the blockchain, payable in either FTM or BRUSH. Using FTM will automatically buy BRUSH on our exchange behind the scenes to pay for the deployment. This contract will automatically be tracked by our indexer, so any minted will be immediately available on your “My Assets” page.

Once deployed it will show you the address. You can either reset the form to create a new one or continue onwards to minting your NFTs!


On the minting page, you can now select which contract to mint to. Going straight from the contract creation page will automatically select it, you can change it here though if you wish:

A few updates have been made to the minting page for these collections. If you do not want to mint your NFTs to the current account you are connected with you can select another account in this step:

A new checkbox is also added at the bottom which allows you to stay on the mint page after minting an NFT, rather than being redirected to the created asset. This is also available on the community NFT contract.

The minting cost for 1 NFT is 0.1 FTM on contracts created from the factory. The images and metadata are secured on IPFS, decentralized storage.

PaintSwap Collections

Once the NFTs have been minted or even if still in progress you can submit them to be added as a collection on PaintSwap.

Fill in the form as usual, when on the Contract and Royalty section it will list any contracts you’ve generated from the factory. Select that to skip the validation steps.

Once the form is completed you can submit your collection:

If it’s approved the NFTs will show on the collection page:

Why ERC1155?

ERC1155 is a very robust and newer NFT standard than ERC721, which can include both fungible and non-fungible tokens inside the same contract as well as batch transfer and balance checking. This is particularly useful for bundles, transferring in bulk to save gas and crucial for GameFi NFTs that have multi-amounts to provide a better user experience. There is also NFT burning as standard implemented in our contracts.

Optionally there is support for the ERC2981 Royalty standard which allows compliant marketplaces to read it straight from the contract and apply royalties on any sales automatically.

There are 2 contract implementations based on the Minimal Proxy Contract pattern (EIP 1167) which give gas savings for generating the contracts and the contract is automatically verified on FTMScan through their extension. Batch minting is supported on the contract level but not on the PaintSwap site yet, this will come in a future update.

The contracts can be found here:




Keep Painting everyone!



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