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PaintSwap One Year On

Well well well, what a year! One year ago today launched our farms emissions and $BRUSH was born. What a roller coaster of a year we’ve had on the Fantom Foundation network! Lets have a look back at some of the major changes/updates & improvements!

20th Of May 2021 The farms were opened up to deposit liquidity ready for our farm emissions beginning.

23rd of May 2021 we took our first snapshot for one of our many airdrops!

26th of May 2021 we airdropped the first 9,000,000 BRUSH into our original users wallets. Later that day at 8:00 UTC we enabled the farm rewards and $BRUSH emissions began.

29th of May 2021 first 226,000 BRUSH had been burnt by LP withdrawal fees.

31st Of May 2021 we launched our analytics for the DEX on

1st of June 2021 we did the first ever AMA on FTM Alerts discord. This was well received and where we found most of our original users on fantom.

3rd of June 2021 the second snapshot for airdrops was taken if you held a $BRUSH LP, farm with a $BRUSH LP, stake $BRUSH, or just simply had $BRUSH in your wallet you were included in the airdrop!

6th of June 2021 500,000 BRUSH burnt

7th of June 2021 airdropped 6,500,000 BRUSH for airdrop number 2.

9th of June 2021 released our first roadmap released with the first official announcement of the NFT marketplace and added the timelock to the farm contracts due to user requests!

16th of June 2021 Added the art gallery to the dashboard to show your locked BRUSH rewards

18th of June 2021 the Fantom network hit 10million blocks we took a snapshot at that block to airdrop 4,500,000 BRUSH to any user who had traded over $10 in a single transaction on our AMM on our third airdrop.

19th of June 2021 1,000,000 brush burnt

22nd of June 2021 distributed third airdrop to 1,772 users.

23rd of June 2021 announce the biggest airdrop event in Fantom history three combined airdrops with a total of 5.637% of the total supply of brush

Airdrop #4 Trading competition (2 weeks long). Only $BRUSH pairs in our farms are eligible & FTM-USDC. Based on the total USD volume of trades 2.137% of the total $BRUSH supply.

Airdrop #5 LP snapshot (3 weeks long). Provide liquidity for any $BRUSH pair which we have a farm for and a random snapshot will be done within 3 weeks to all those users. 2% of the total $BRUSH supply.

Airdrop #6 LP snapshot (3 weeks long). Provide liquidity for any non-BRUSH pair which we have a farm for and a random snapshot will be done within 3 weeks to all those users. 1.5% of the total $BRUSH supply.

28th of June 2021 we released the collectibles page to display the official paintswap NFTs we had been giving away to users our discord.

1st of July 2021 UniDex supported PaintSwap for limit orders & aggregate orders.

3rd of July 2021 Launch of the first ever game on Fantom: Ross Studio.

7th July 2021 removed the withdrawal fee from single side staking and lowered the fee to 0.5% on the farms.

14th July 2021 airdrop 4,5,6 were all completed and the last 25,366,500 brush was distributed totaling 45,000,000 tokens given away to the early community members.

15th July 2021 2,000,000 brush burnt

3rd of August 2021 Partnered up with Strange Brew to launch the vote on their logo all on chain!

9th of August 2021 the amazing Paintoshi joined our awesome PaintSwap team.

Throughout the rest of August lots of small updates fixes and improvements to the UI of the site!

2nd of September 2021 2,750,000 brush burnt

2nd of September 2021 version one of the NFT marketplace was released! Supporting erc721 and erc1155, auctions or sales, royalties out of the box! This version of the marketplace used BRUSH as its only currency of trade.

3rd of September 2021 added the total traded volume on each collection and overall sales with a total of 400,000 brush volume in the first 24 hours.

5th of September 2021 our second AMA with FTM Alerts with the best question winning 10,000 BRUSH!

September 2021 we continued updates improvements and fixes to the nft marketplace far too many to list here!

17th of September 2021 10,000,000 BRUSH marketplace volume in just 15 days.

25th of September 2021 here’s a big one! We’d been burning your eyes since our launch and this was the day we launched dark mode! One we know many of you never went back from!

2nd of October 2021 25,000,000 brush volume

7th of October 2021 version 2 of the NFT marketplace was launched! Just over one month ago we’d launched 1.0, with lots of feedback and suggestions along with constant updates from the team we hit some amazing numbers with v1 1100+ mints on our community collection, 1500+ active listings, 8800+ total listings 37.2M BRUSH/1.2M FTM volume!

  • Native FTM: Everything will from now on be shown, listed, sold, and paid in FTM!
    - Option to pay minting & listing fees in BRUSH or FTM
    - Auto zaps for BRUSH on minting and listing if using FTM
    - Edit the sale price of an NFT at any point
    - Edit reserve price on NFT auctions if no bids
    - Cancel sales or auctions at ANY POINT unless there are bids after a 2h grace period
    - Bidding closer than 5 minutes to an auction end time will auto extends the auction by 5 minutes.
    - 50% of marketplace fees will go to buy back and burn BRUSH
    - Much much more!

10th of October 2021 6,000,000 brush burnt accelerated by the buy back and burning feature of the nft marketplace.

16th of October 2021 100 featured collections on PaintSwap!

October continual updates and improvements to the NFT marketplace too many to list again!

25th of October 2021 moved on from the google form submission of collections to the first version of the integrated form!

2nd of November 2021 Our Audit was released.

4th November 2021 first teaser of Beardies

7th of November 2021 5,000,000 FTM volume on the NFT marketplace, which also lined up with 1,000,000 BRUSH burnt by the marketplace.

18th of November 2021 first real image of a Beardie released and its utility of marketplace fees announced. Beardies are a utility NFT created by PaintSwap that get a share of 3% of the daily NFT marketplace fees. (Simple maths is marketplace volume * 0.000000366) A Beardie will collect fees even when staked or listed on the marketplace these are linked to the Beardie, not your wallet.

29th Of November 2021 Release of the ABI & listener tools ready for builders to expand on top of PaintSwap


Dashboard (code at

11th of December 2021 release of a new roadmap

17th of December 2021 Beardies minting went live! with only 2048 to ever exist.

20th of December 2021 marketplace 2.1 released Full detail history of bids & offers on the start of the user profile page.
Audio MP3 support with visualizer.
Prices charts for sale history of NFTs.
More Global & Collection specific stats.
Speed Improvements.
7 Day rolling volume sorting for collections.
Custom NFT styling for collection submissions.
See our medium article for full details:

22nd of December 2021 in less than 5 days we fully minted out the Beardies collection!

23rd Of December 2021 Colorful Coal was airdropped to Beardie holders. The ID matches the Beardie ID. Coal colors are randomly generated from the holder address, ID and previous block hashes. The image is stored fully on-chain.

30th of December 2021 Rich meta data for twitter/discord etc added to generate previews.

16th of January 2022 500 NFT collections on PaintSwap

18th of January 2022 NFT Contract Factory released

28th of January 2022 Welcomed two new team members MonoRaptor & HubertCumberdale

31st of January 2022 multiple improvements to the UI of paintswap
- Purchases profile page — See what you bought and when
- Enhanced Dashboard (clickable balances for more currencies + detailed tooltips for balances)
- NFT Card quick action dropdown on My Assets (sale, transfer, burn)
- Auto-hide all dropdowns when clicking elsewhere (Finally!)
- FTM/wFTM quick-wrap/unwrap popup 👀
- Improved page for submitting collections for royalties and user contracts
- Auto-updating marketplace stats (cached 5 mins)
- Improved history and listings cards on sales/asset pages

2nd of February 2022 Announcement of Colorful Coal utility! Let’s put your Beardie to work Colorful Coal can now claim 1% of marketplace sales fees, similar to Beardies however they MUST have the matching Beardie with the same ID to be able to claim, get hunting if you don’t have it or didn’t HODL Head over to the Colorful Coal collection page to claim, the fees started accumulating yesterday. Let the coal wars begin!

5th of February 2022 lots more improvements to the UI of PaintSwap!

- Filters: you can now filter My Assets/Profile Bids, Offers & Purchases
— This includes offers made on your NFTs and much more!
- You can now mint to another account via the community contract saving a tx fee.
- When minting to the community contract you can now define the royalty receiver rather than just your current address.
- Added the name, collection name, verified status & image preview to the burn dialog.
- Allowing multi-amount transfers for the same ERC1155 NFT id via the UI (As well as name, collection name, verified status & image preview).
- Moved collection thumbnails to the NFT info card.
- Improved zapping for FTM conversion to BRUSH and lowered slippage to max 10% estimates should be correctly determined on forms.
- Beardies & Colorful Coal claim buttons have been added as default for clarity even if you don’t own any.
- Related NFTs link (Find your Colorful Coal or Beardie counterpart with a click of a button).
- Improved image fetching images should fail to load less often.

10th of February 2022 even more filters and improvements to the UI

- Filter by multiple collections at once.
- Filters are now shown in “Pill” form so that active ones can be seen more clearly, and easily removed.
- Persistent filter options.
- Better handling of local storage to prevent image re-fetching in page transitions in some circumstances.
- Pressing back or return in the browser now takes you to the correct position on the scrollbar.

15th February 2022 Introducing iNFTs interactive NFTs and guides on how to turn Godot engine games into NFTS on Paintswap.

1st of March 2022

New marketplace features:
- Insta-buy: New purchase flow directly from the marketplace grid
- New improved popup-workflow for selling NFTs directly from “My assets”
- NSFW Filter: Blurring NFT previews that are flagged as NSFW (if not toggled)
- New collection stat: Number of unique owners
- True fullscreen for iNFT and 3D models
- Removed total price when the amount is 1 on “add to marketplace”. Call it price instead of unit price
- External link on the info card moved to the description card as an icon
- Include number of current mints on the user contracts when minting

9th of March 2022

New marketplace features:
- Sort veNFT by value and endtime
- NFT owned balance is shown on the card on “My Assets” (if > 1)

- Better font scaling for the human-readable veNFT preview
- Better margins for checkboxes on mobile
- Show “view button” when visiting other users NFTs
- Better NSFW logic
- Correct time for “sales” on the listing card
- The default sorting on all profile tabs is now correct
- Optimized purchase flow for the buy/bid/offer modals
- The dropdown on the create page now works on mobile when navigating from the info tab
- Placed the “complete sale” card closer to the top for visibility
- Clarified the “Original mint price” on the submission page (and not showing it for factory contracts)
- Now possible to see the preview when minting 3D models in Firefox
- Clarification that collection submission is several steps, one after payment

11th of March 2022 release of v2.0 discord bot

Features include:
- Fully configurable by the user
- More than just sales enable notifications for:
— Listings
— Offers
— Bids
— Sales
- Advanced options
— Allow all
— Block specific collections
— Specify specific collections
— Set minimum values
- NSFW toggle
- Run the bot in multiple channels with different configurations.
- Run tests to see how it looks in your channel

You can invite the bot from any server by right-clicking the bot and clicking ‘Add to Server’.

25th March 2022 Announcing NFT Vaults

1st April 2022 multiple updates and speed improvements

  • Faster and smoother collections loading
    - Sorting options and pagination, needed as we approach 1000 collections
    - Improved scrolling on all pages, new items are grabbed before the end of the page is reached
    - Sorting was extracted from the Filters, so it’s now immediately visibly along with active filters
    - Sale completion is now a modal, so it can be triggered directly from other pages
    - ERC1155 NFTs will now have direct links to other sales of the same tokenId in a sale page

5th April 2022 more speed updates and indexing of over 1million fantom NFTs

29th April 2022 Added total purchased & floor value of your NFTs

16th May 2022 10,000,000 brush burnt!

24th May 2022 Announcement of the removal of PaintSwap dex and partnership with SpookySwap

Certainly has been a busy year and we are grateful to our user base and will continue to build out the best platform ever!



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