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PaintSwap V3.0 NFT Marketplace

Introducing PaintSwap NFT Marketplace version 3.0 grab those coffees this is going to be a long one! The evolution of PaintSwap is an ongoing masterpiece and the team has been working hard on this latest version.

v3 feature release video

Some of the amazing new features and updates include but aren’t limited to:

  • NFT Vaults: For safe custodial sales owned by the user, explained in more detail in this article. All listings added to PaintSwap can now be custodial (vaults) or non-custodial. Excluding auctions that are always made in vaults.
  • No marketplace listing fees! We’ve removed all listing fees for verified collections meaning you can now list your NFTs for sale for free as long as it’s a verified collection on PaintSwap — if your favourite project isn’t verified now’s the time to tell them to submit the form!
  • Financial NFTs: With the expansion and growth of financial NFTs we’ve reduced the sale fee for fNFTs to 0.5% from the current 2.5%. This includes Revest Finance and Solidly veNFTs currently but will apply to any future financial NFTs allowing more reasonable trading.
  • All NFTs on Fantom are now tracked! (coming shortly) You should see a lot more in your NFTs inside your assets pages now. This will also allow for quicker collection adding.
  • Flash auctions: Like normal auctions but with shorter expiration, anti-sniping period and grace period.
  • Enhanced offers: Offers can now be made on any NFT even if the NFT isn’t listed for sale, which also means no more escrow. Along with new features such as Collection Offer, Filtered Collection Offer and Bulk Offer! Read more about the new offers further down.
  • Massive Bulk support: Multi-buy (checkout cart), multi-offer, multi-sell, multi-transfer NFTs, remove listings, mint from a zip file or sweep a collection floor. Each bulk operation fits in one single transaction! Just imagine the time and fee savings. Continue reading, we haven’t even told you yet about the new novel Bulk Liquidate…

Bulk Support

  • Shopping cart: Multiple NFTs can be purchased in one transaction by adding them to your shopping cart.
Add to or remove from cart by pressing the cart button
The checkout cart is found at the top
Specify the quantity if more than 1 and you will get the whole list in one single transaction!
The cart can be found in various places
  • Bulk offers: Add any NFT to bulk offer on them all in one transaction!
Just click the new offer button to select or deselect from bulk offers
The bulk offer page is found at the top

Once on the bulk page you can specify the price for each and see their status. You can filter by collection or remove items from the list. Then selecting to make either “Individual Offers” or “Filtered Collection Offer”.

Individual offers: Just like normal offers but in one transaction
Filtered Collection Offer: Any offer can be accepted by any owner of that NFT, but only one of them can be accepted. All other offers will be invalidated after the first one has been accepted.

Finally select an offer duration that will apply to all and how you would like to auto-zap the FTM to wFTM (that is needed for the offers).

  • Bulk listing: List many NFTs in one transaction!
From My NFTs you can bulk list, transfer or remove listings. Also quick-select the first 12.
Select items with the + or - button
Here you can specify the price, quantity, sale type and duration for each
  • Bulk transfer

Multiple NFTs can now be transferred in 1 transaction. When using multiple of the same ERC1155 NFTs it will efficiently use the batch functions for low gas cost.

Use the “Edit All Addresses” to make it even faster
Also with an extra address validation step for safer transfers (anti-malware)

There are no smart contract limits in place to the number of NFTs that can be done in bulk, but there is an inherent gas-limit per transaction on networks. The gas cost for each operation varies depending on the NFT contract. There will be a warning when we anticipate the gas-limit to be reached and will recommend to remove some NFTs. We recommend no more than the following be done in bulk:
- 12 NFTs to be listed
- 30 NFTs in your cart
- 50 different NFT contracts transferred (can have many duplicates for same ERC1155 token ids)
- 50 listing cancellations made

  • Bulk Liquidate: A way to sell (liquidate) your NFTs instantly! It uses a routing algorithm through all collection offers, filtered collection offers and individual offers to find the best price for the NFTs wanting to be liquidated. It takes into account all offerers' wFTM balance & approvals to make sure the offers shown are acceptable, and will also warn for low offers and display a total at the bottom. Offers are not able to be front-run as offers may only ever be edited to be increased so you can be sure you will receive the shown amount at a minimum!
If any offer is detected as low, you will be given an extra validation step
  • Bulk removal: Listings can be removed in bulk too! Just select the listings you want.
From “My NFTs” with “Show Listings”
  • Bulk minting for PaintSwap NFT factory contracts

Multiple NFTs can now be minted in a single transaction. Simply create a zip file with the following structure

Upload the data and mint! For more detailed information about the layout required view

You just select a zip file with the right content
  • Sweep the floor: You can now buy many of the cheapest NFTs inside a collection within a single transaction. For multi-quantity ERC1155 NFTs it will also take the maximum available quantity from the floor listings too!
From any collection, select Sweep Floor
It will list the total cost and show the NFTs below
  • The checkout cart and bulk selections are stored in browser storage per account, so selections can be stored through both account changes and browser refresh/reboots.

Enhanced Offers

  • Offers can now be made on any NFT via the asset page even if the NFT isn’t listed for sale, the offers will appear in the user's profile tab. Even Collection Offers (more info further down).
Displaying offers “From Me”
Displaying offers “To Owned NFTs”
  • Additionally, offers made on any NFT listing or asset will be shown in a list on the listing/asset page so you can see previous/lower offers! They can be edited or removed (by the wallet that submitted them) directly from these pages.
  • Collection Offer: A new type of offer that you make on a whole collection. The offer can be accepted by anyone who owns any NFT in that collection. You will get one NFT only, and the offer will close. This is the fastest way if you just want one NFT of you favorite collection.
From the collection page
Making a collection offer

All collection offers made by users is found on the collection page as well.

From the collection page

It’s a 3-step process where you first select the offer, then which NFT you accept the offer for and finally the transaction. The last step also includes a low price validation warning.

Choose an offer
Pick an NFT you own
Accept the offer
  • Filtered Collection Offer: If you need to specify exactly which ONE NFT you want, we got you covered too. Just go to the Bulk Offer page and select “Filtered Collection Offer”.
Bulk Offer page
  • Offers on NFTs are now made in wFTM and will remain in the user’s wallet. Multiple offers can be made with the same funds up to 1,000 offers per user at any one time. Sellers will receive native FTM if accepting an offer.
  • NFT owners can accept any offer directly from the asset or listing page.
    Offers can be optionally locked to a sale only (to expire when the sale expires this removes any risk of price changes in the future).
  • Along with seeing received offers on your profile page, you will also be able to see offers made by a user.
  • We’ve added a new filter on the My Profile page to show invalid offers where the wFTM amount in your wallet is no longer enough for the NFT owner to accept it. Allowing you to top up your wFTM balance or cancel the offer.
  • The ability to add an optional expiration date for offers.

More Features

  • Flash auctions. Like normal auctions but faster, between 5 and 30min. The anti-sniping feature is set to extend the auction to 90 sec if bids are made during the last 90 sec. Also with a 90 sec grace period to cancel it.
  • Anti-sniping of normal auctions has been changed so that it extends to 3min when bids are made during the last 3min. The grace period to cancel is 5min.
  • Removed “My Sales” and instead use a toggle “Show Listings” inside “My Assets” that are now called “My NFTs”. Your current listings can also be found by using the “Owned” toggle mentioned below.
  • A toggle for owned NFTs or listings. Both on the marketplace or on any collection page.

We’ve added a new profile section from the vaults that allow users to withdraw any airdropped tokens from their vault. This allows projects to airdrop tokens to NFT holders even if they are listed for sale on the marketplace inside a vault!

  • Enhanced expiration dialog for new listings (duration or specific date).
  • Sale owners can now change the NFT quantity (similar to price edit) for multi-amount ERC1155s.
  • With the addition of the Vaults, custodial sales are now indicated with a padlock icon on the card — giving the user the extra reassurance the NFT exists and is unchanged.
  • Auctions are indicated with a hammer
  • Flash auctions are indicated with a flash
  • FTM and wFTM wallet balance is shown on the bid/offer dialogs.
  • When using the submit collection form a collection can now be marked as a financial NFT allowing the lower 0.5% sale fee after verification.
  • A new filter to show invalid listings, which are listed NFTs where the owner does not have enough in their wallet to fulfil the listing (e.g transferred them away).
  • Support for custom background_color in the metadata (transparent images, 3D viewer and iNFTs). See our metadata docs.
  • Videos above 30sec (up to 5min) are now indexed and quickly loaded on the listing/asset pages.
  • Collection description supports line breaks (markdown coming later).
  • NFT description supports linebreaks and markdown syntax (also when minting from PS). See our metadata docs.
  • The NFT description now scrolls when above 4 lines for better UI.
  • The refresh button on listing and asset pages now refreshes the whole metadata, not just the image.
  • Indexing support for animated png (apng): NFTs (below 100MB) and collection media. Above 100MB will still work but loaded from the original source.
  • The time when a listing ended is now displayed on the listing page.
  • Extra validation step when transferring NFTs to make sure the recipient is correct (malware protection). It will also block you from sending to yourself, to the NFT contract address or the burn address (the same features exists when bulk transferring).
  • Added NFT ERC type to the info section.
  • An option to download all collection holders as a csv file. This outputs the address of the owner (also taking into NFTS held in vaults!) and the amount of NFTs they own in this collection. This can take up to 1 minute to generate depending on the size of the collection. A % is shown to indicate progress.

More Enhancements

  • We’ve reduced the minimum duration for auctions from 1 day to 30 minutes.
  • We’ve reduced the maximum duration for auctions from 28 days to 7 days.
  • The grace period for removing an auction which has bids has been lowered from 2 hours to 10 minutes.
  • Added a warning if making an offer on a non-custodial fNFT.
  • Added a warning if trying to buy a veNFT non-custodially.
  • Added a warning if transferring or burning an NFT which is still listed for sale.
  • Added a suggestion to use the custodial listing for fNFTs.
  • Warn and force user interaction when accepting any offer that is below 50% of the listing price, or 50% below the floor price for direct asset offers.
  • Better visibility for the remaining count of NFTs with a quantity > 1.
  • Show the locked amount when transferring or burning.
  • Disabled the ability to try and sell a veNFT if it has voted as it is no longer transferable.
  • Disabled selling of more than 1 of the same NFT at the same time (if quantity > 1).
  • All owned NFTs will be shown on the “My NFTs” page now, regardless of listing status.
  • Old v2 listings will be supported until they all expire in max 28 days. Offers can be done on them as usual but you can also make v3 offers of the corresponding NFT asset directly.
  • Respecting the image style (defined for the collection) in the buy dialog.
  • Use interactive preview for Revest buy modal to avoid buying old information.
  • Better placement for action buttons on listing and asset pages.
  • Collections containing NFTs you own are now listed at the top of the filter, including the amount you own in each!

The new V3.0 make PaintSwap one of the most advanced NFT marketplaces available in this space and the marketplace is still not 1 year old! There are many more enhancements coming. Start removing your V2.1 listings and re-list in bulk so that yourself & buyers can get the full benefits straight away!

Keep painting everyone!



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