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Releasing Marketplace 2.1

Ready for a new exciting marketplace? PaintSwap is not sleeping and after laying a complex groundwork for some time, is now ready for the next show-off. This is the first part of a series of changes and will continue as 2.2 and 3.0 early next year with a lot more to come!

New Features

Full Detailed History of Bids and Offers

This can be found on the new profile page. Containing information of all offers and bids made by your selected wallet account, or for any account you enter in the address bar. It will also show if the sale/auction was won, lost, or outbid/out-offered.

The profile page will be the new home for all upcoming features related to your accounts such as assets, sales, personal collections, and other customizations.

Bids and Offers — All possible variations

Audio (MP3) Support with Visualizer

Finally, you can not only watch MP4 videos but also listen to pure audio NFTs. We support primarily MP3 but any format supported by the default browser audio player will work such as .ogg and .wav. We don’t support minting MP3 on the community contract at this point but listening on the marketplace, creating audio collections, or trading them using other contracts works fine.

You will also find a fully integrated music visualizer. You can click on it to switch between 6 different themes that will play along with the track.

Audio player on the marketplace grid
Audio Player Visualizers (Sale/Asset page)

Price charts for NFTs

Any sale/auction is now tracked and displayed in a historic price chart on the sale and asset pages. It will not include sales that were done in PaintSwap 1.0 with BRUSH.

Historic sales

Expanded Global Stats

On the marketplace, you will find Total / Weekly / Daily Volume, Floor TVL, Last Sold Time and Total / Weekly / Daily Sales.

Expanded Stats on a new Collection Page

On each tracked collection you get Total / Weekly / Daily Volume, Floor, Floor TVL, Floor Cap, Average Price, Last Sale Price, Last Sold Time, Total / Active / Weekly and Daily Sales.

The collection page also has a new centered look and feel.

Collection page with expanded stats

Speed Improvements

API optimizations will result in a smoother user experience. A lot more speed improvements to come in v2.2 when we optimize the images!

New Collection Ordering

The collection grid is now ordered by a weekly rolling volume instead of total volume. This will be much fairer for everyone, especially for new collections. We hope to see new fresh collections at the top!

Custom NFT Image Style

The collection submission form has a new option for specifying the image style of your collections. That is the method for how the image will fit into the preview window. Some NFTs have a format (aspect ratio) that can benefit from customizing this and has previously been done by us manually. Now it’s automatic!

Define your preferred image style when submitting a collection

Other Changes

  • The USD price has been removed from the marketplace grid for a cleaner look. You can still click on the price to get it converted into BRUSH, BTC, ETH and USD.
  • The collection submission form now has a toggle for when you only want to update the royalty. This will make the process easier for now but all changes will later be made from the new profile page.



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