A Poor’s Wishes

Image Source: http://ann.az/photo/658x449/2016-07/1469694650_1469694585_1469527529_9.jpg

Wishes, whispers of silence,

Fuming in the morning fog,

And swaying in the evening gloom,

Sadly! Someone who falters,

Bestows the wishes of your dream,

If only you would look through your warm heart,

Shall you realize, the nebulous cold day wish for the morrow sun,

In its charismatic pain,

It has to die, is a different will.

In a nomad smile,

Unknown wishes walks,

Sadly! Someone prowling without a destiny,

Vests the wishes of your dream journey,

If only you would look through the bliss you hold,

Shall you realize, a starving night wishes for the moon,

Putting its beauty in guillotine,

Nobody admires his beauty, is a different will.

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