Animal World, Me And She

Image Source: caroline1photgraphy

I was in the road where

cats were giggling,

And dogs were howling,

disappointments all over,

smiles disguise the disgust,

laughter express the despair.

In the dense of pain,

Where cat giggles,

And dog cries,

Ants fight for the identity,

And crows show peculiarity,

If black and white leaves

And coconut glasses,

Doesn’t attracts the breed,

Dogs and cats would have found

Something else to greed.

Everybody wear coconut glass,

To visualize the world,

vote for the world as a miss dark,

And be happy realizing own pale face,

Cat says how beautiful I’m,

Dog says how strong I’m,

When the funny sun,

Distorts their own mirror,

They watch the unseen,

And ignore the seen,

And see dark,

In the green,

paws in the forehead,

While they count the day,

How disgusting disgusts

either they don’t want to see other’s,

Or don’t want to show their own,

But how ridiculous is the sun,

To evaporate their perfect faces,

Either way one concern the ‘darkness’.

I was in the road,

Where mourns don’t mourn,

And tears don’t cry,

Laughters don’t laugh,

But the gutter does swash;

The market of pumpkin flourished,

Watching the animals as I lie,

A beautiful girl appeared shy,

As few dogs bite their tongue,

As if they were yearning to die,

Cats gurgled out of

The envious sight,

Eyes menaced the fight,

For me

The darkness got the light,

As she moved further,

Fear of abandonment

Became my plight;

There was a god,

If I need,

And an ignored stone,

As I pleased,

I asked for the blest,

And still couldn’t rest,

She ogled me as an apple,

Trying to weight;

Alas, black too is my head,

The signal became all red,

she too had an coconut glass,

Alas my filthy cotton, that was not of her class,

I sat feared,

As few dogs barked,

Faith of god,

To reduce my plight,

Everywhere dogs,

Moaning as her pass,

Finally she chose a cat,

Probably because of her glass.

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