My Friend A Crow!

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My friend a crow,

He flies, hops, sways,

And grip,

Something that I can’t,

Something that doesn’t exists,

In my sight.

My friend a crow,

He flips his wings,

And wash his sins,

Again starts to lean,

At the maize field,

And listen the fragrance of the sweat of same old man,

Whose eyes were pierced by the maize leaf,

Leaving him in the light of darkness.

My friend a crow,

He wakes, walks, pursue,

And finds,

Something that I feel, I can’t.

My friend a crow,

He chases his arms,

And stretches his courage,

And floats

Higher and higher,

Where eyes are lost into the infinity,

And wash away everything that he had to,

And gain everything that he has to,

Leaving my eyes in the sight of oblivion sky.

My friend a crow,

He just flew………..

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