Searching For My Friend….

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The same alley,
Where we walked under our laughter,
And faltered upon our sadness,
Is rather like a desolate grave now,
Where birds are howling,
As if they have just lost their hatches,
And monkeys are laughing,
As if they are triumphant of human deaths,
The gloom of the sky is like my melancholic heart,
When I await for you on the same sunny shade,
Where we once met and learnt to walk together;

I’m walking upon the fragrance of this grave,
Listening to these cries and the giggles,
Remembering you,
How sweet would it have been
If you were just here with me,
With your saccharine smile,
Grinding upon my filthy silence,
How beautiful this grave could be,
But sadly you’re not;

I’m watching this dilapidated valley,
While remembering you,
Like the leaves remember the sun,
It’s abysmally gloomy without you,
Not only my nostalgic bloods,
But also the universe,
The rain is about to drip,
As if it is crying with those birds,
And with my heart,
But I’m dreaming you,
Right here in this rain,
How beautiful would it have been,
To walk wet in this grave with the dripping rain,
As if we were friends unbounded by the time,
But the angst of those clouds lightens
A sad grief inside me,
Whispering in pitchy sound,
That you would no more walk with me;
I wish you could just realize,
How mourning is it for me to walk in this grave,
Without you;

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