We Found Solace…

We found solace and lived upon the summer of loneliness…

Image Source: shutterstock

In our never ending afternoon,
We found a world,
In our eternal peace of night,
We found life,
In the ruin of dark winter day,
We found heals,
In the catastrophe of spring,
We found a small shade,
Where we discovered our solace;
Each time the spring hustled,
We whispered our soliloquy,
With heart we listened,
With heart we talked,
With heart we dreamed,
With heart we loved,
With heart we lived;

With the devil rain,
We lost our shade,
Which blew our solitude
towards the morass of world’s agonies;
Just the way we found our solace together,
We were bound to be wounded by the loneliness together
yet in separation;

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