Paket Wisata Pulau Seribu

Thousand Islands is an archipelago that has a marine nature conservation area in Indonesia, located in the northern part of the Bay of Jakarta. Then the waters in this area are shallow marine waters with coral islands and reefs and coral reefs exposure. Thousand Islands Natural Resources which has the natural beauty of the sea with coral-reef ecosystem that characterizes the beauty of the sea such as coral reefs, fish and food fish, echinoderms, crustaceans, mollusk, sea turtles, marine and terrestrial plants, mangroves, seagrass beds, and other. Promo Package Pulau Seribu, the pulau ayer, pulau bidadari, pulau sepa, pulau putri, pulau pantara, pulau pramuka, pulau tidung, pulau kotok, pulau macan, pulau pelangi. Enjoy the beauty of the sloping beach and a wide expanse of white sand that can be used to play children and adults. You can also snorkel or diving. See the beauty beneath the sea, reefs coral reefs and colorful fish. You can also fishing, and relaxing on the beach.
Travel Package free Pulau Seribu snorkel — Meeting Package, Package Outing, Outbound Package, Package Family Gathering — Angel Island, Island Pantara, Kotok Island, Pulau Putri, Pulau Ayer, Sepa, Tidung island, the island tigers, Rainbow Island.

Outbound training is training activities outdoors or in the open air (outdoor) are fun and challenging. Form of activity is through the life simulation games (games) creative, recreational, and educational, either individually or in groups, with the aim of self-development (personal development) and group (team development). Through outbound training, is expected to be born “new persons” are full of motivation, bold, confident, creative thinking, have a sense of togetherness, responsibility, cooperation, mutual trust, and others.
The main objective is to train outbound training activities of all the participants to be able to do something that is able to adapt (adaptation) by making changes to the existing and the professionalism of the participants forming attitudes that can be based on change and development traits (basic nature) of all individuals overing aspects of trus, belief, and commitment and performance are expected to be getting better. Plus an outbound management has a high professionalism. Lately, outbound activity was a trend and phenomenon more and more in demand. Various organizations, institutions and companies, busy-busy conducting outbound as an effort to improve the performance and the performance of members or employees.

one big inn is located in Cisarua Hotel Seruni. The building is designed with a blend of Sundanese and Balinese architectural style, presenting the ethnic atmosphere for visitors. Located in the Puncak area, Cisarua, precisely on Jalan Raya Turquoise Kampung Baru Baru Tegal Cibeureum Cisarua, Seruni hotel has 3 different hotel buildings are located in one area, namely: Chrysanthemum Pangrango with two types of rooms Deluxe, and Family Room / Villa Chrysanthemum Mount Gede with three types of rooms Deluxe, Suite and Family Room with two choices of Living and Connecting. Chrysanthemum Mount Salak with four types of rooms: Deluxe, Egypt, Suite with two choices View or Non View and Superior Suite. Beyond that there is also Villa Seruni Sampay with each villa consists of two rooms up to seven rooms.
The hotel offers a variety of facilities to ensure you spend time with specials. All the necessary facilities, including concierge, meeting facilities, shops, disabled facilities, elevator available. Hotel Seruni highlight is the ideal place for you and your family to vacation in Puncak Cisarua, Bogor, Puncak Hotel Seruni hotel building is designed with a combination of two Balinese culture and the culture of Sunda with fresh weather in the area of Puncak. Seruni Hotel Bogor is a holiday Pangrango hotel with a mountain view, which looks cool and the green tea plantation in Puncak, Bogor Hotel Seruni make a right choice for a vacation.
You can choose a hotel that will pamper Seruni highlight your presence during your holiday in the Peak area. It also has a very strategic location for tourists sehingg very easy to find the villa or lodging this one. Precise location in the City of Flowers, Chrysanthemum Cluster Cipanas Puncak. The inn is very homey so it makes you feel like your own private home, imagine instead comfort is on offer. Paket Hotel Voucher