A pangolin in Zamzama

A pangolin was shot 5 times by a security guard in the posh neighbourhood of Zamzama, Karachi late last night. The guard claimed the pangolin was attacking him, and so he fired 3 bullets into its abdomen, and 2 bullets into its front legs. Pangolins are nocturnal mammals native to South Asia. They are the most trafficked animal in the world and all 8 species are threatened with extinction.

Someone saw the pangolin on the road and asked for help on social media. I saw the post in the early hours of the morning and requested Dr. Ali Ayaz to help. He arrived in Zamzama on his motorbike, along with his assistant. Luckily, someone volunteered to provide transport through the live coordination on Pakistan Animal Welfare Society’s facebook page. She took the pangolin to Dr. Ali’s clinic in Gulshan, where it received veterinary treatment.

The pangolin is in critical condition and will be taken for an x-ray today. Please share this post on social media and ask friends in media to report on the story. The guard who shot the pangolin 5 times should be brought to justice.. is there anyone who would be willing to take this on?