We rely on your generosity to help animals in need. Donations are used for the following:

  • To provide food and care to the 25 or so rescued cats the co-founders foster at home.
  • For monthly bills at Dr. Isma Gheewala’s Animal Care Center in Karachi to provide veterinary treatment to injured and sick stray dogs, cats or birds. These are the ones rescued in an emergency personally by either the co-founders themselves or by people who cannot bear the expenses. The bills include spay/neuters and housing for cats. The clinic is too small to house dogs.
  • Yearly administrative costs to keep our registered NGO status in order. We have a part-time accountant who works for us pro bono in return for us letting him keep the PAWS laptop and work remotely.

You can donate any amount, anytime. However if you feel you can make a monthly pledge for donation it will enable us to continue to help animals in need.

Monthly pledge amounts:

PKR 2,500
PKR 5,000
PKR 10,000

If you would like to make regular monthly donations, you can set up automatic transfers via your bank.

In Pakistan, the easiest way to donate to us is to make an online transfer via internet banking. If you’re in Pakistan you can also make a cash deposit in person at any Standard Chartered branch in the country.

You can also do ATM transfers to our account, or mail us a cheque.
Make cheques payable to:

Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
5–3–1, Sector 15, Korangi Industrial Area,
Karachi 74900, Pakistan

Title of Account: Pakistan Animal Welfare Society
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Bank Address: WTC — Clifton Branch, Karachi, Pakistan
Branch Code: 072
Account Number: 01–1508933–01

Please also email us at about your donation amount and date so that we may send you an acknowledgement.

Internationally, you can donate via PayPal.