Foster a rescued animal

If you can temporarily look after a rescued dog, cat or bird at your home, do contact us at info@pawspakistan.org

Adopt a rescued animal

We often post information on our website about animals looking for good homes. We vaccinate, deworm, spay/neuter and make sure they are healthy and good natured before putting them up for adoption. Street kittens and puppies make wonderful pets. Give one a chance today.

Help us find homes for rescued animals

  • Put a link about them on your facebook account.
  • Email the link to friends, family and colleagues.
  • Post their adoption notices on any appropriate discussion forums. If you work in the print or electronic media, do a story on the animals to help spread the word about their rescue and adoption.
  • Print out adoption flyers from our website and put them up on public notice boards, such as at schools, coffee shops, supermarkets, etc. Be sure to get their permission first.

Organise a fundraising event with your friends

Write about animal and environmental issues for the print and electronic media

Selected articles about animals in the Pakistan press

Donate supplies such as collars, leashes, cat baskets, cat and dog food, tick powder, etc.

Visit us at stalls

PAWS set up a stall on independence day to create awareness.
Activities for children at the PAWS stall at Mohatta Palace
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