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Why Pakistan is not growing?

The truth behind Pakistan’s lack of growth and development in the past few years!

Pakistan is a land of agriculture, natural resources and excellent tourist spots, right?


Why a country that has the capacity to produce essential goods like Banaspati Rice, Cotton, Wheat and sugarcane is unable to keep up the pace with planet’s growth?

That question is unanswerable for many of the Pakistanis but as you ask locals, you’ll find most of them blaming politicians and the state bureaucracy for lower economy rate.

But they are not the one to blame but the locals are!

In Pakistan, the real problem is no-direction attitude for the youth. Every kid studies from pre-school to intermediate without knowing the actual field he/she is going to work and help country grow…

Till intermediate, there is no guidance towards the career opportunities and the industrial gap the state is going through!

With that problem in hand, every graduate student is a burden to the state as they are not trained and/or experienced about the industry that is making country’s growth negative. With no industry knowledge, they spend most of their life doing common jobs (that doesn’t help the country much)…

The real problem behind Pakistan’s growth is from ZERO, from the first school a kid joins!

As soon as there is a strategic program that helps kids determine their direction, the country will find a nation that is progressive and will fill the gaps in every modern industry where country is unable to generate revenue!

According to Pakistan’s national poet; Allama Iqbal:

Fortunes of States through individual prowess ripen
Each man one star of their ascendant (Destiny)

People are the real force to turn their good state into one of the greatest!

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Pakistan Zindabad!



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